G.I. JOE Destro Rings by Han Cholo



Even though the G.I. JOE toy scene is a little quiet right now, jewelry designer Han Cholo is making some noise in the meantime with these mean looking G.I. JOE Destro Rings.

Officially licensed and as bad-ass as it gets if you’re a diehard Cobra fan, these high quality .925 sterling silver Destro rings from Han Cholo’s G.I. JOE jewellery line come in two different options including his original silver mask and an alternate version with a 14K gold vermeil plating / coating.

Time to style like your favorite M.A.R.S. Industries weapons supplier? Get your shine on with these sterling silver Destro Rings that are available to buy at Entertainment Earth.




Click here to buy the silver G.I. JOE Destro Ring by Han Cholo.



Click here to buy the gold G.I. JOE Destro Ring by Han Cholo.

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