Transformers: Generation 1 Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio



Not only has Megatron emerged from Prime 1 Studio’s Premium Masterline collection, but the Autobots’ fearless leader has also arrived with this Transformers: Generation 1 Optimus Prime Statue that’s available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles.

Standing 24 inches tall and sculpted to perfection by renowned artist Josh Nizzi, this Optimus Prime Premium Masterline Statue features LED light-up eyes and a switchable energy axe for his right hand that’s exclusive to Sideshow Collectibles. Apart from that, the statue’s insane details pretty much speak for themselves. If you’re all about the iconic Autobot leader, this Optimus Prime statue is as awesome as it gets.

Take a closer look at the Premium Masterline Transformers: Generation 1 Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio below that’s now available to pre-order at







Click here to buy the Transformers: Generation 1 Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio.

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