Undertaker and Kane SH Figurarts Action Figures by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Wrestlemania weekend is just a few days away, and the “show of shows” is once again poised to be history making. With decades of memorable matches and moments forever etched in the minds of the WWE Universe, there will no doubt be more made this weekend. Now you can bring home action figures of two of the men who undoubtedly made most of those memories with these SH Figurarts Kane and Undertaker action figures by Bandai Tamashii Nations.

These 6” scale Brothers of Destruction action figures both come with several interchangeable parts including a set of swappable hands, and three heads for the Undertaker and two for Kane (one being his trademark mask). Kane comes with a towel accessory for those days when he came out with a towel over his face, and you can walk Taker down the ramp with his iconic hat.

Coming in September, you can pre-order both these figures now for $54.99 each through the links below, and watch the Undertaker at his 25th Wrestlemania this weekend live from Orlando.

WWE Undertaker SH Figuarts Action Figure BUY NOW

WWE Kane SH Figuarts Action Figure BUY NOW

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