Transformers Optimus Prime 4-Foot Fiberglass Statue by The Loyal Subjects



So you’re the type of Transformers collector who needs to have the biggest and baddest toys on the block? The Loyal Subjects have you hooked up with this 4-foot Optimus Prime fiberglass statue that’s as mega as it gets.

Limited to just 10 pieces in total and equipped to conquer the Decepticons with a removable Energon Blaster in hand, this 4-foot Optimus is a super-duper, jumbo-sized version of The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls Optimus Prime 3-inch action figure, with a high quality fiberglass finish. He weighs around 108 pounds and measures 51-inches tall x 44-inches wide x 32 1/4 inches long – perfect for displaying  and amazing everyone around.

Time to take your Transformers toy collection to another level of awesome? This 4-foot Optimus Prime statue is releasing in July 2016 but available to pre-order here.

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