Suicide Squad DC Multiverse 12-Inch Action Figures (Joker, Harley Quinn & Deadshot)



Not only is Mattel releasing a new line of 6-inch Suicide Squad action figures from the DC Multiverse line, but three of the movie’s main characters are also releasing in 12-inch scale as well with these Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot figures.

Highly detailed in looks to match their silver screen appearance, these 12-inch Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Action Figures come equipped with signature weapons as seen in the movie, plus multiple points of articulation for plenty of posing power. Harley Quinn has her trusty “Good Night” bat, Deadshot comes ready to blast with all kinds of weaponry and The Joker is all tatted up with pistol and knife.

Take a closer look at all three Suicide Squad DC Multiverse 12-inch action figures below which are available to buy here.


Click here to buy the Suicide Squad Joker DC Multiverse 12-Inch Action Figure.


Click here to buy the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn DC Multiverse 12-Inch Action Figure.


Click here to buy the Suicide Squad Deadshot DC Multiverse 12-Inch Action Figure.

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