Spider-Man: Homecoming 1/6th Scale Spider-Man Homemade Suit Version by Hot Toys

If you’re like us and you can’t wait for Marvel Studios’ first crack at a solo Spider-Man movie, then any and all info on the new film has you jumping with excitement. Hot Toys is on top of all the hype and are now ready to reintroduce fans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Amazing Spider-Man with this new action figure of Peter Parker’s homemade, pre-Tony Stark spider-suit.

Based on Tom Holland’s appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, this 1/6th scale figure features a new head sculpt based on Holland’s likeness and a masked sculpt with three sets of swappable eyepieces so your Spidey can display a wide variety of facial expressions. This expertly tailored outfit obviously comes with Spidey’s trusty web-shooters as well as a series of effects so you pose him however you feel suits him best.

Click here to pre-order this Spidey sixth scale figure and watch him swing into your collection later this year.

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