Spider-Man: Homecoming POP! Unmasked Spider-Man Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure (Hot Topic Exclusive)


After swinging through with a new set of Spider-Man: Homecoming POP! Vinyl Figures, Pocket Keychains and cute little Dorbz, a few new chase figures from Funko have started to surface as well, including this Hot Topic Exclusive Spider-Man (Unmasked) POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head.

Putting Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker on display, minus the mask, this vinyl bobble-head from Funko’s Spider-Man: Homecoming collection switches things up, while standing 3 3/4-inches tall with a wobbly head and both web-slingers ready to shoot.

You can pick up this Unmasked Spider-Man POP! now exclusively at Hot Topic.



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