Funko’s Retro Toys Hasbro Mystery Minis and Pop! Figures Available for Pre-Order



Inspired by retro toys from the ’80s, a new collection of Funko Pop! figures and Mystery Minis are available for pre-order including some of Hasbro’s most popular characters. Included in the Pop! vinyl figure collection are Zartan and Shipwreck from G.I. Joe, as well as Stretch Armstrong, Glo Worm, Mr. Potato Head, Cavity Sam from the Operation Game and Barbie. The Mystery Minis include some of the same characters from the Pop! line, except in miniature form, in addition to a few other Joes, as well as My Pet Monster, Monopoly, Play-Doh and more. There are also some Specialty Series limited edition exclusives to hunt down if you’re looking to nab the whole collection. You can pre-order Funko’s Retro Toys Hasbro Mystery Minis and Pop! Figures below.


Funko Retro Toys Hasbro Pop! Figures



Funko Retro Toys Hasbro Mystery Minis Figures


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