Street Fighter Shadaloo Cammy Mixed Media Statue by Pop Culture Shock

Street Fighter will always have a special place in the hearts of gamers, and one of the “New Challengers” from the Super Street Fighter series, Cammy, has been universally accepted by even the most diehard of SF fans. Now, Pop Culture Shock is ready to unleash a killer statue based on Cammy, with a villainous twist.

Based on an alternate skin from Super Street Fighter IV, this Shadaloo Cammy statue features the popular World Warrior decked in Shadaloo leader M. Bison’s outfit. Standing at 17” tall and coming with a detachable cape, there will be three versions of the statue available. The standard version is limited to 300 pieces and there are only 275 of the alternate “Dictator” exclusive, which comes with an interchangeable torso. Finally, the blue variant is limited to only 150 and also comes with the swappable upper body.

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