Samurai Spider-Man Meisho Manga Action Figure by Bandai Tamashii Nations



What if Spider-Man swung his way into town as a sword slashing samurai warrior? This Meisho Manga Realization Action Figure by Bandai Tamashii Nations reimagines Spidey in sharp samurai style with superior articulation and a lethal look applied to your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.

Following up on the Star Wars Meisho Movie Realization action figure line which saw samurai spins applied to Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and other key characters, this Samurai Spider-Man action figure expands the popular theme into superhero territory with Spidey first on deck in webbed battle armor, standing 7-inches tall and ready to slice and dice his way into your collection. In addition to a cool looking sculpt, the figure comes equipped with interchangeable hands, a katana set and a kaginawa web hook that’s styled like a chain-firing device.

This Spidey Samurai action figure from Bandai Tamashii Nations is swinging onto the scene in October 2016 but available to pre-order in advance at Entertainment Earth.





Click here to buy the Samurai Spider-Man Meisho Manga Realization Action Figure.

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