NECA Reveals 7″ Scale Aliens Series 12 Action Figures



Fresh for Face Hugger Friday, NECA has revealed a first look at the Aliens Series 12 Action Figures that are coming soon. Ready to release in September, the 12th series of 7″ figures is based on the 1986 Aliens films with alternate versions of Ripley and Vasquez, along with the return of two Battle Damaged Alien Warriors. The collection includes Lt. Ellen Ripley (Bomber Jacket), Private Jenette Vasquez (BDUs), and two different Battle-Damaged Aliens Warriors, with each figure packing plenty points of articulation and accessories. We’ll keep you posted with pre-order info shortly, but in the meantime take a look at all four figures above.

Update: The NECA Aliens Series 12 Action Figures Set is now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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