Justice League Glow-in-the-Dark Pop!s (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)


Funko is keeping the good stuff coming ahead of the Justice League movie release with this new line of Justice League Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! Vinyl Figures that are exclusive to Entertainment Earth. Combining classic looks with dark silhouettes for a neat twist to DC’s crimefighting crew, these glow-in-the-dark Justice League Pop!s include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg, each with a black body and blue glow accents to keep them shining in the shadows while on display. Set to drop in December 2017, you can pre-order all seven Justice League Pop!s here.


Justice League Aquaman Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League Batman Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League Cyborg Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League Green Lantern Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League Superman Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League The Flash Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW


Justice League Wonder Woman Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! – BUY NOW

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