AFD Review: Overwatch Reinhardt 6-Inch POP! Vinyl Figure by Funko

If there are two things in the world that are pure money right now it’s Funko and Overwatch. With the popular video game now making a billion dollars for Blizzard, it’s no wonder that the POP!s are coming in bunches. With Wave 1 already in the books, fans have been eagerly anticipating to see which characters would make the cut for the next round of releases, and we’re more than happy to see that Reinhardt was amongst them. In this exclusive feature, we’ll take a look at Funko’s take on the big German with AFD’s review of the 6-Inch Super Sized Reinhardt POP! Vinyl Figure.

Overwatch fans know that when it comes to tanks, there’s no one better than Reinhardt. The first thing you’ll notice about this POP! is the shear size of it. Funko use their 6” sculpts for tank POP!s, but Reinhardt looks and feels bulky and weighty, as he should. We stood him next to Funko’s first 6” Overwatch POP!, Winston, as well as next to 2 stacked normal size POP!s (Lucio and Tracer) to show off just how big he is. And although he didn’t quite match the height of the two stacked POP!s, Reinhardt is up to size with the Winston POP!, but clearly loses when it comes to head size and overall adorableness. Oh, and yes we did the stacking for scientific purposes and not just because we’ve always wanted to put a Reaper on a Lucio.

As with all POP!s from Funko, the paint job is always either hit or miss. In our case, there were several splotchy areas (especially in his visor), but that’s just nitpicking for anyone that really zooms in with the purpose of looking for flaws. The detailing is, however, immaculate, as they’ve got his armor down perfectly, from the tips of his impressive helmet down to his silly Iron Sheik-like boots. The rest of his look is just as impressive. Everything looks game-authentic, including the rocket on his back which he uses to Charge at opponents, the huge, intimidating hammer that he uses to drop the Hammer Down, and the little shield on his wrist that holds his all-important Barrier Field. Funko always goes above and beyond when it comes to detailing their figures, and with all the nuts and bolts in Reinhardt’s armor, they’ve truly outdone themselves.

For fans of Overwatch and POP! collectors alike, this is an instabuy for sure. For the more casual fans of either, we can’t think of any other character that would look cooler on display for the world to see. We suggest you head over to Entertainment Earth and pick him up today.


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