The Loyal Subjects MOTU (Walmart Exclusive Chase Figures)

January 18, 2017


Along with the arrival of The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls (Series 1) in select stores comes a few Walmart exclusive MOTU chase figures that are also now available to track down.

Exclusive to Walmart stores are variant colored chase figures from The Loyal Subjects MOTU line, including a Pink Teela, Red Flocked Beast Man, Anti-Eternia He-Man and 2 random Prototypes. These are limited edition and will be tough to track down but if you’re into hunting for exclusive action figures, head over to your nearest Walmart store and see if you can score some for your collection.

Click here to shop The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls at






Click here to shop The Loyal Subjects MOTU Action Vinyls at

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