May the 4th Be With You! Here’s a Recap of Some of the Best New Star Wars Figures and Collectibles


May the 4th be with you! It’s Star Wars Day and that means there’s no better time to check out some of the latest and greatest Star Wars action figures, collectible toys, and even clothing that’s out there right now. With Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theatres soon, and today marking the main day to geek out on all things Star Wars related, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent Star Wars merchandise and gear featured here on AFD. From Funko Pop!s, to the Black Series, to the Vintage Collection (and even a couple cool tees), there’s plenty of Star Wars stuff to scope out and scoop up. Scroll down below to check out some of the best new action figures, collectibles and other gear that’s available on this fine May the 4th Star Wars Day.

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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Admiral Piett Figure (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

It’s always cool when you get an opportunity to purchase an exclusive figure that you know would never be made if it wasn’t sold by only one specific retailer. It’s hard to imagine seeing an Admiral Piett figure carried in every Target and Walmart nationwide. But, it makes perfect sense as an Entertainment Earth Exclusive figure. Your Empire collection isn’t complete without having an Admiral Piett figure for Lord Vader to bully and intimidate. The Black Series Admiral Piett will ship exclusively from Entertainment Earth in June 2018.


From Entertainment Earth: 

Take command of your destiny! The Black Series of Star Wars action figures is the ultimate line of collectibles for die-hard fans of a galaxy far, far away. It’s your chance to get your favorite characters as exquisitely detailed 6-inch tall action figures.

You can now take home the Star Wars The Black Series Admiral Piett 6-Inch Action Figure. Most memorable in his supporting roles in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Admiral Piett is promoted after his predecessor fails Darth Vader one too many times.

This out-of-this-world 6-inch scale action figure has the highest level of detail and authenticity at a price that can’t be beaten. He would look great on your shelf next to other TBS figures like Darth Vader, bounty hunters, and Stormtroopers. Did we mention Piett comes with a removable cap and blaster? (Even if he never used a gun in the films, it’s still a cool accessory!)

Coming soon – pre-order this exclusive figure on Entertainment Earth today!


Star Wars Vintage Action Figures T-Shirts


Calling all vintage Star Wars action figure collectors…pretty sure we found your new favorite tees. Or maybe they’re our new favorite tees? Either way, these Star Wars Vintage Action Figures T-Shirts from 80sTees are all kinds of awesome, and yes, you need them in your life. While the grey style features a group shot of Kenner’s most popular 3 3/4-inch vintage Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and more, the white tee recalls the classic scene where Obi Wan Kenobi uses his Jedi Mind Tricks to persuade Stormtroopers that those aren’t the droids they’re looking for. Get a good look at both vintage action figure tees below with many more Star Wars T-Shirts available at


Star Wars Vintage Action Figures T-Shirt



Star Wars Vintage Droids Action Figures T-Shirt


Bandai Star Wars Kanreichi Ashigaru Snowtrooper Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure

Bandai has found a way to offer Star Wars fans a different type of action figure. It is easy to get burnt out on Star Wars collectibles because there are just so, so many out there. This Snowtrooper was designed by Kanreichi Ashigaru for the Meisho Movie Realization line. There have been hundreds & hundreds of toys based on Trooper armor from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. But, this is something different and it is definitely a striking looking toy. Bandai has found a way to energize your Star Wars collection and that should definitely be commended. The Bandai Star Wars Kanreichi Ashigaru Snowtrooper Action Figure is currently available for pre-order and it will ship October 2018.



From Entertainment Earth: 

Fans of Star Wars will want to add this Star Wars Kanreichi Ashigaru Snow Trooper Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure P-Bandai Tamashii Exclusive to their collection. Another iconic arrangement done by Japan’s top sculptor, Takeyuki Takeya, brings a cold region version armor to the Meisho line. The figure includes a molded tripod blaster, 1x pair of hands, sword parts, and blaster parts. Measures about 6 7/10-inches tall.


Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Figures

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters in just a few weeks. Like any Star Wars film, Solo has a lot of merchandise currently on sale. Of course, Funko is getting the bulk of the merchandise attention. They currently have available Pop! Figures, Mystery Minis and Wobbler Bobble Heads. The gem of Funko’s product line, Pop! Vinyl, has a lot of Solo figures currently available. You can pick up Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Qi’ra, Val, Rio Durant, Range Trooper, L3-37, Enfys Nest and Tobias Beckett.

All the Funko Solo products are currently available to purchase on Entertainment Earth.

From Entertainment Earth: 

Go on an adventure with a few old friends in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Expand your Star Wars collection with the scum of the dangerous criminal underworld frequented by Han Solo. This Star Wars Solo Val Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box.



Funko Solo Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead Figures


Go on an adventure with a few old friends in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Expand your Star Wars collection with the scum of the dangerous criminal underworld frequented by Han Solo. Each stylized vinyl figure measures 2 1/2-inches tall and comes packaged in blind boxes. Collect them all!

The Star Wars Solo Mystery Minis Display Case includes a total of 12 individually packaged mini-figures. Breakdown not available at this time.

Funko Solo Mystery Mini Figures


Go on an adventure with a few old friends in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Expand your Star Wars collection with the scum of the dangerous criminal underworld frequented by Han Solo. This Star Wars Solo Lando Calrissian Wobbler Bobble Head measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box.

Go on an adventure with a few old friends in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Expand your Star Wars collection with the scum of the dangerous criminal underworld frequented by Han Solo. This Star Wars Solo Han Solo Wobbler Bobble Head measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box.

Funko Solo Wobbler Bobblehead Figures


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 1 Figures

The Vintage Collection has returned! There is just something special about the vintage style Star Wars action figure packaging. Yes, a lot of it is nostalgia. But, I really don’t think Hasbro has come up with a more striking style of packaging than Kenner did with the original 3 3/4-inch figures. The current Vintage Collection has old style packaging, but the figures inside offer modern articulation and details. Wave 1 is currently up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth and they will ship in May. The set includes Rey, Kylo Ren, Snoke, First Order Stormtrooper, Hoth Rebel Soldier and Jyn Erso.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Action Figures (Wave 1)




From Entertainment Earth: 

  • Star Wars action figures from the classics and beyond!
  • The classic Kenner-style Star Wars packaging you remember!
  • Each Vintage Action Figure comes with awesome accessories.
  • Case includes 8 Star Wars heroes, villains, scoundrels, and robots!

Vintage Star Wars action figures! These 3 3/4-inch scale Star Wars action figures feature classic characters and retro packaging! Longtime fans of Star Wars are going to love this classic Kenner-style packaging, right down to the old-fashioned Kenner logo. And each Vintage Action Figure comes individually packaged with awesome accessories like blasters, lightsabers, and removable helmets. Don’t miss this awesome assortment of Star Wars heroes, villains, scoundrels, and robots!

This case includes 8 individually packaged Star Wars action figures:
2x Snoke
1x Rey (Jakku)
1x Kylo Ren
2x First Order Stormtrooper
1x Jyn Erso
1x Hoth Rebel Soldier
(subject to change)

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Kylo Ren Action Figure


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Rey (Jakku) Action Figure


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Jyn Erso Action Figure


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection First Order Stormtrooper Action Figure


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Rebel Soldier (Hoth) Action Figure



Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Supreme Leader Snoke Action Figure


Solo: A Star Wars Story The Black Series Figures

The Black Series is obviously an important part of the Star Wars Action Figure line. Entertainment Earth has put up for pre-order the first figures from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first three figures include Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and a Range Trooper. The Han and Lando obviously represent the younger versions of the characters that we will see in the film. The Range Trooper is a new addition to Star Wars canon. You can pre-order the figures now through the links below for a May shipping date.

Star Wars The Black Series (Solo) Han Solo Action Figure


Star Wars The Black Series (Solo) Lando Calrissian Action Figure


Star Wars The Black Series (Solo) Range Trooper Action Figure


New S.H. Figuarts Action Figures Of Chewbacca and Stormtrooper For Solo: A Star Wars Story

Tamashii Nations has just released images of new S.H. Figuarts action figures tied to the upcoming film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. These new Chewbacca and Mimban Stormtrooper figures feature S.H. Figuarts’ high level of articulation and detail. Chewbacca comes with interchangeable heads, hands and a blaster. The Mimban Trooper comes with interchangeable hands and multiple blasters. The figures are due in June. No prices are currently available. Solo opens on May 25th, 2018. Check out the Chewie and Stormtrooper figures below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Finn and Phasma Pop! Vinyl Figure Movie Moments


By: Adam C. Better

Funko Pop! Figures continue to become more and more detailed and intricate. This “Movie Moments” Finn and Phasma set of figures are based on the character’s big confrontation in The Last Jedi.  The Movie Moments style isn’t new to Funko Star Wars Vinyl Figures and it is a different take on the Pop! line. Star Wars definitely seems to be the license Funko likes to experiment with, and that is understandable since there are so many Star Wars collectibles out there that they have to compete with. It’s nice to see that Funko is trying to keep its prize line of Funko Pop! Figures fresh and exciting.

You can pre-order the Finn and Phasma Pop! Vinyl Figure Movie Moments set now from Entertainment Earth. It is listed to ship in May.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures (Entertainment Earth Exclusives)


With Star Wars: The Last Jedi still buzzing in theatres, Entertainment Earth has these four new exclusive 3 3/4-inch action figures from the movie available for pre-order, with ship dates set for this spring.

Each equipped with a Force Link sound chip (a new interactive play system from Hasbro that puts sound effects and phrases from the Star Wars movies right in the palms of your hands), included in assortment of exclusives are the First Order Flametrooper (redesigned to hold his torch with both hands now), C’ai Threnalli, a hero of the Resistance and Poe’s pilot pal, plus a First Order Officer Finn and Captain Phasma 2-Pack, so you can recreate their epic battle from the conclusion of The Last Jedi film.

All of these Entertainment Earth Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures are available for pre-order through the links below with ship dates sometime between April and May 2018.


Star Wars First Order Flame Trooper Action FigureBUY NOW


Star Wars C’ai Threnalli Action FigureBUY NOW


Star Wars Finn and Captain Phasma Action FiguresBUY NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Elite Praetorian Guard ARTFX+ Statues by Kotobukiya


Next up from Kotobukiya’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi collection is this Elite Praetorian Guard ARTFX+ Statue Two-Pack that’s available now for pre-order with arrival expected for August 2018.

Following up on the First Order Stormtrooper Executioner ARTFX+ Statue that first emerged, this latest release includes not one, but two, Elite Praetorian Guards which stand roughly 7 1/3-inches tall, clad in bright red armor and robes reminiscent of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard. The 2-pack also contains various parts, including three types of heads, two types of arms, and six types of weapons (with different weapon configurations), so you can recreate scenes from the film, with magnets embedded in their feet to keep them solid on their included display bases.

Pick up the two-pack below, or assemble your entire eight-man Guard force by snagging multiple sets to display alongside the rest of your Kotobukiya Star Wars collection.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Elite Praetorian Guard ARTFX+ StatuesBUY NOW









Star Wars Han Solo Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


Marching straight into the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Premium Format Figure line is this new Stormtrooper statue that’s available now for pre-order. Not only does the figure impress at 18.5” tall while standing atop a Death Star-inspired base, but this exclusive edition includes an alternate realistic portrait of Han Solo so you can recreate an iconic moment from Episode IV. Joining Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, and Chewbacca, as well as an Imperial Stormtrooper and regular Han Solo (all shown below) from Sideshow’s Premium Format Figure collection, this new Stormtrooper is estimated to arrive sometime between November 2018 and January 2019, available for pre-order now at

Star Wars Stormtrooper Premium Format FigureBUY NOW













2017 in Review: Top 10 Star Wars The Black Series Action Figure Picks

By: Adam C. Better


The Black Series could possibly be the most popular Star Wars toy line today and that is pretty amazing when you think about all the Star Wars lines of toys and collectibles out there. Black Series figures are beloved for their 6-inch scale, articulation and overall quality. 2017 was a big year for the line with the release of figures for The Last Jedi and the special Star Wars 40th Anniversary collection. It was difficult to choose just 10 for this list because for the most part every Black Series figure released in 2017 was worthy of being included.

With all that being said, here are my Top 10 Star Wars Black Series figures of 2017.

Click here to shop all of these Star Wars The Black Series Action Figures at Entertainment Earth.

10. Chirrut Imwe & Baze Malbus 

It’s a little bit of a cheat to put two figures in the number 10 spot, but, how can you possibly separate Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus? They are inseparable in Rogue One and the same goes for your action figure collection. You can’t own one and not the other. Both figures feature a great likeness and awesome character specific accessories.



9. Maz Kanata 

It took Hasbro a while to make a Black Series figure of Maz Kanata. Luckily, Hasbro made the wait worthwhile. The figure captures the unique look of Maz and the details throughout its sculpt are impressive. My favorite thing about the figure is the accessories it comes with. Kanata comes with Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber Hilt and the trunk it was stored in from The Force Awakens.


8. Grand Admiral Thrawn 

This figure probably rates higher on most people’s 2017 Black Series lists and I can understand why—the figure is extremely well made. I probably don’t have the connection to the character many have, but I love the idea of the Black Series bringing in characters from books and television. It’s cool to see a character like Thrawn, who we have only seen on the animated show Rebels and in books, realized in the realistic style of Black Series.


7. Imperial Royal Guard 

The Imperial Royal Guard has always been one of the most striking Star Wars characters and designs. The Black Series figure didn’t disappoint and perfectly captured what makes the Royal Guard such a fan favorite. The Imperial Royal Guard was a great addition to the 2017 Black Series and it reminded us all of why we love the look of the Guards so much.


6. Qui-Gon Jinn

Star Wars collectibles have kind of stayed away from Prequel Era products in recent years. Even fans that hate the Prequels agree that Qui-Gon Jinn is one of the best characters from the most controversial Star Wars films. The figure captured the likeness of Liam Neeson and it came with Jinn’s lightsaber. It was nice to get a new figure from the Prequels in 2017.


5. Elite Praetorian Guard

The Last Jedi introduced a lot of new things to Star Wars canon and for me the Praetorian Guards may be at the top of the list. Their sleek design translated well to the Black Series format. The figure featured strong articulation and came with an awesome weapon, the Force Pike. The Praetorian Guard helped The Last Jedi assortment of figures be a strong one in 2017.


4. Landspeeder With Luke Skywalker 

Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder is one of the most iconic vehicles from the saga. The size of Luke’s speeder was obviously impressive in the 6-inch scale. The detail and sculpting of the Speeder was impressive. The Luke Skywalker figure that came with it definitely isn’t the best Luke figures we have gotten, but it was good enough to not distract from the awesomeness of the Landspeeder.


3. Lando Calrissian 

It’s almost a crime that the Black Series just got around to making a figure of Lando Calrissian in 2017. The line has been around since 2013 and Lando deserved to have been made much, much earlier in the Black Series run. The figure turned out to be worth the wait and while the likeness to Billy Dee Williams isn’t flawless—it definitely captures the essence of the iconic actor.


2. Rey’s Speeder 

Vehicles are always nice additions to any action figure collection and Black Series vehicles, with their impressive size, are extra special. I am a huge fan of the design of Rey’s Speeder and being able to add it to my Black Series figure collection was one of the most exciting things the Black Series did in 2017. The Speeder came with a Rey figure that was very nicely crafted and different than any version of her we got prior.


1. The 40th Anniversary Collection 

2017 marked the 40th Anniversary of the first Star Wars film opening in theaters. To celebrate the occasion Hasbro released a special series that paid tribute to the vintage Kenner figures that were released in 1978. The packaging was the highlight of the series as it perfectly replicated the vintage line. The figures were also well done and offered a wide range of characters—some we never got before in Black Series form. It was impossible to not buy the entire collection and that’s why I am making the series my number one release of 2017. The 40th Anniversary Collection perfectly captured the nostalgia of Star Wars toys while still keeping the modern day quality the Black Series offers. It was an absolute perfect release.



Click here to shop all of these Star Wars The Black Series Action Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Sideshow Previews Upcoming Star Wars Boba Fett Mythos Sixth Scale Figure


Wrapping up Sideshow’s 12 days of teasers and previews is a sneak peek at the Boba Fett Mythos Sixth Scale Figure that’s coming soon from Sideshow Collectibles. Continuing on with Sideshow’s Star Wars Mythos line which interprets popular characters in all-new looks, this Boba Fett figure is one for fans of the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter, with pre-order info and official photos coming soon.

A New Star Wars Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles is Coming Soon for Pre-Order


Marching through from Sideshow’s Star Wars Collection is this new Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure that’s coming soon. Joining the First Order Stormtrooper that’s already available, as well as several other Star Wars Premium Format Figures like Luke, Han, Rey, Chewie, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, and other iconic characters, this all-new Stormtrooper figure will be available for pre-order on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 so check back here at AFD in one week to nab one for your own collection.

2017 in Review: Top 10 Funko Pop! Picks

By: Adam C. Better


2017 was another huge year for Funko and its line of Pop! Figures. The amount of figures Funko releases each year is truly mind-boggling and it is extremely difficult to pick the 10 best when there are so many solid options to choose from. After a lot of thought and research – here are my Top 10 Funko Pop!s of 2017.

Click here to shop all of these Funko Pop! Figures and others at Entertainment Earth.

10. Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture 

Spider-man: Homecoming was one of the strongest Spider-Man films we have ever gotten and Funko had a full line of Pops! to accompany the film’s Summer 2017 release. The entire line was strong but the Vulture figure really stood out in my mind. The character design in the film was awesome and it translated nicely into Pop! form.


9. Space Jam Bugs Bunny

When the Pop! Figure line launched I never would have dreamed of the amount of licenses Funko would acquire. The Space Jam line of Pops! proves how diverse and impressive their list of licenses have become. The Bugs Bunny from Space Jam was a must buy if for no other reason than I can’t believe it was made.


8. Lord of the Rings Nazgul

One of the most exciting aspects of Funko is that they don’t have a problem revisiting licenses that aren’t currently in the public eye. The classic Lord of the Rings films were released almost 20 years ago and the more recent Hobbit trilogy ended years ago as well. The Nazgul is a striking looking Pop! Figure and it is extra cool that Funko made it so long after the LOTR trilogy’s release.


7. The Shining Jack Torrance

It’s shocking to me that we have toys from the Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining. What is even more amazing is how cool they translate to the Pop! style. Jack from The Shining was a must buy for me because of its surprisingly effective design and the shock of it being made.


6. NFL Bo Jackson

Funko makes more than Pop! Figures from movies and television shows. Being able to pick up a Bo Jackson Pop! and put it on your shelf next to figures from Marvel and Lord of the Rings is incredibly exciting. The Bo Jackson Pop! really captures the essence of one of the greatest athletes of all-time.


5. Music Jimi Hendrix

Again, so much of what I love about Funko Pops! is how diverse their selection is. The fact that they made a music legend like Jimi Hendrix really helps the line never become stale. The Pop! itself is incredibly dynamic and really captures the magnetism of Hendrix.


4. Godfather Vito Corleone

Much like The Shining, it’s hard to believe Funko took the chance and made Pop! figures for The Godfather.  The Vito Corleone Pop! is another figure I never thought we would see for a variety of reasons. The figure is extremely well done and the addition of his cat is a really cool detail.


3. Star Wars First Order Executioner

It is probably safe to say that Star Wars has received more Pop! Figures than any other license. With The Last Jedi opening in theatres in 2017, you knew a new assortment of Star Wars Pops! would follow. Stormtroopers have always made for great toys and the Executioner is no exception. The addition of his weapon, and dynamic pose, makes the Pop! one of the best looking Star Wars Pops! I own.


2. Cars Lighting McQueen

I have to be honest, I am not a fan of the Cars films. When you compare their quality to other Pixar films they come across as very shallow. But, that criticism of the films does not apply to the line of Funko Pops! The coolest thing about this Lighting McQueen Pop! is how different it is from the majority of Pop! Figures out there. Obviously it can’t look like most of the Pop! figures because its not based on a human, alien or monster—it’s a vehicle. Despite it being based on a Car, it still somehow completely captures the Pop! style perfectly. This is definitely one of the most unique Pop! figures I own.


1. Stranger Things/Ghostbusters

My number 1 Pop! Figure of 2017 is not a single figure, but a set/series. The Stranger Things kids—Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin as Ghostbusters was a cool concept on the show and the figures didn’t disappoint. Being able to mix licenses and properties is something you don’t get to see often. Funko being able to bring two huge franchises together, Stranger Things and Ghostbusters, shows just how much sway they currently have in the business. Just being able to make the figures is a huge accomplishment, but the Pop! Figures really capture how much fun it was to watch those characters dress up like Ghostbusters on Season II of the show. These figures were the most surprising and fun release of 2017 for me.





Star Wars Yoda Legendary Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles (Coming Soon)


The latest addition to Sideshow’s Star Wars Legendary Scale line has been leaked with this Yoda Legendary Scale Figure that’s coming soon. Joining the Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and C-3PO figures that are either currently available or up for pre-order, this Yoda 1:2 scale figure is next on deck, with release date and other details still TBD. Check back soon here at AFD for more info any day now.

CheckList: A Guide to All of the Best Star Wars: The Last Jedi Figures

By: Adam C. Better


Ever since The Force Awakens opened in December 2015, the Holiday Season has had to share the spotlight with Star Wars. With everyone in the mood to shop, and The Last Jedi now in theaters, Star Wars action figures will be on every film fan’s 2017 Christmas list.

It is nearly impossible to keep track of all Star Wars collectibles out there. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to create a checklist dedicated to The Last Jedi action figures that are currently available.

Click the links below to find out where you can pick up these Last Jedi must have collectibles!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures:

When it comes to action figures, the Sixth Scale Star Wars Figures from Hot Toys are the best you can buy. Sideshow Collectibles currently has a Last Jedi Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, BB-8, BB-9E and First Order Executioner Trooper available to order. All of the figures include amazing articulation and a ton of accessories. The Executioner Trooper is the only figure currently in stock, but you can pre-order the rest for a 2018 ship date.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hot Toys Sixth Scale FiguresSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Stormtrooper Executioner Statue:

One of the newest additions to the world of Star Wars in The Last Jedi is the First Order Stormtrooper Executioner. The Executioner has plenty of figures on store shelves and this awesome ArtFX+ Statue by Kotobukiya is available for pre-order & will ship in Summer 2018.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi ArtFX+ Stormtrooper Executioner StatueSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hasbro 3 3/4-inch Action Figures:

No Star Wars action figure list would be complete without the 3-¾ inch figures. This size figure is a staple of Star Wars collectibles and it has been that way since day one. Hasbro continues the 3-¾ inch legacy with a brand new set of figures for The Last Jedi.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hasbro 3 3/4-inch Action FiguresSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Black Series 6-inch Action Figures:

Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figures are relatively new to the Saga’s action figure world, but they have quickly become fan favorites. The size of Black Series figures allows for more detail and articulation than the traditional smaller sized figures. The line expands with plenty of new heroes & villains from The Last Jedi currently available.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Black Series 6-inch Action FiguresSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Titan Hero Series Interactech 12-inch Kylo Ren Action Figure:

No Last Jedi action figure list would be complete without a lot of Kylo Ren figures to choose from. Hasbro offers a 12-inch Kylo Ren that features things not usually associated with the traditional action figure. The Titan Hero Series Interactech 12-inch Kylo Ren can make over 60 different sound effects and phrases. Motion sensors respond to specific movements with battle effects.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Titan Hero Series Kylo Ren Action FigureSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12-inch Electronic Duel Hero Series Figures:

The Last Jedi 12-inch Electronic Duel Hero Series Figures offer fans the opportunity to recreate their favorite scenes from the films. Currently, an Imperial Death Trooper from Rogue One is available as well as an Elite Praetorian Guard from The Last Jedi. When you squeeze the figures legs they recreate sounds and lights from the movies.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12-inch Electronic Duel Hero Series FiguresSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Jakks 20-inch Figures:

Jakks offers large-scale action figures that will definitely stand out from the rest of your collection. They have a new Last Jedi assortment available that presents the most popular heroes & villains from the newest Star Wars film. The 20-inch scaled figures offer accessories and limited articulation.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Jakks 20-inch FigureSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko Pop!s:

There may not be a hotter toy line today than Funko Pop! Figures. Funko has a large assortment available that gives fans the chance to bring home all their favorite Last Jedi characters in the now iconic Pop! Vinyl Figure style. The Star Wars Funko Pop! Figures come with heads that bobble.






Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko Pop!sSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads:

Funko is more than just Funko Pops! Its line of Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads offer a different take on the traditional action figure. The Wacky Wobbler’s are 6 ½ inches tall and Rey, Chewbacca and the First Order Executioner are currently available for purchase.




Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wacky Wobbler Bobble HeadsSHOP NOW

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sixth Scale Figures by Hot Toys


Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally landed in theatres, here’s a look at some of the sixth scale figures that Hot Toys has released based on key characters from the film.

Mixing brand new faces and fan favorites from past Star Wars movies, the group shot shown up top includes Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, BB-8 and BB-9E, an Executioner Trooper, plus two types of Praetorian Guards (with heavy blade and double blade), as well as Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron. As hype for the movie continues to heat up over the holiday season, it’s probably a safe bet that Hot Toys has more figures coming soon. In the meantime, most of these figures are available for pre-order at (for delivery in 2018), except for the Executioner Trooper that’s already in-stock and available to nab for your collection.

Check out some of the 1/6 scale Star Wars: The Last Jedi figures from Hot Toys below, with many more images, plus additional info available here.



















Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs Figures Are Back with Updated Interchangeable Facial Expressions


Before Funko and other vinyl figure brands brought the cuteness to collectible figures, Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs were mean mugging their way into the hearts of collectors, with cuddly versions of superheroes from Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Indiana Jones, and G.I. Joe.

Unfortunately Mighty Muggs eventually disappeared from store shelves, but with the current vinyl figure craze going stronger than ever, Hasbro has brought back the collectible figure line, starting with these Star Wars and Marvel wave 1 sets. As good as ever with a few of your favorite heroes and villains to start, the new and improved Mighty Muggs have even been updated with interchangeable facial expressions that switch easily by simply tapping down on the head.

While 2018 will see approximately 50 Mighty Muggs figures release, to kicks things off we have Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Chewbacca from the Star Wars set, and Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Groot from the Marvel universe. Dropping this month, you can grab both Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs sets at Entertainment Earth through the links below.




Marvel Mighty Muggs Action Figures (Wave 1)BUY NOW


Star Wars Mighty Muggs Action Figures (Wave 1)BUY NOW

Black Friday Doorbusters at Entertainment Earth – Star Wars Black Series Clone Troopers at 60% Off + Other Big Savings


Entertainment Earth is going big on the Black Friday savings with deals on all of the best action figures and toy collectibles at discounted prices. Along with the Star Wars Black Series Clone Troopers of Order 66 Action Figures Doorbuster (at 60% off) that’s featured here are deals on Funko Pop!s, plus top toy brands like Mattel, Hasbro, Kotobukiya, and much more. Don’t miss out on the savings from Black Friday through Cyber Weekend with these discounted doorbuster deals that are live now at Entertainment Earth.

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Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO Life-Size Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


Stepping straight outta Star Wars Rogue One and right into your personal space is this K-2SO Life-Size Figure by Sideshow Collectibles. As impressive as it gets, towering at 7′ 8″ tall, the K-2SO Life-Size Figure captures the larger than life presence of the back-talking droid from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, composed of fiberglass, resin, and metal, with a portrait that features light-up eyes and a poseable head, so you can display him with an ‘activated’ look. Little else has to be said about how awesome this thing looks, so if you want to gawk at more pictures (or if you have $8,900 to throw at one), head over to and pre-order this K-2SO Life-Size Figure for a Summer 2018 delivery.




Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20-Inch Action Figures by Jakks Pacific (Now Available)


Before you know it, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theatres with a release date slated for mid-December, but you can get a headstart on the fun with these 20-Inch action figures by Jakks Pacific that are now available. While Wave 1 features Kylo Ren, Elite Guard, Rey and First Order Stormtrooper, Wave 2 includes Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron, First Order Executioner and Elite Guard. Each figure features 6 points of articulation and most come with removable accessories, while neatly packaged in a display tray. You can pick up waves 1 and 2 of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20-Inch Action Figures below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20-Inch Action FiguresSHOP NOW


Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20-Inch Action Figures (Wave 1)BUY NOW


Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20-Inch Action Figures (Wave 2)BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Early Bird 4-Pack Jumbo Figure Set by Gentle Giant


In celebration of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary, Gentle Giant is bringing back four of the original Kenner action figures 40 years later with this Early Bird 4-Pack Jumbo Set that’s now available for pre-order.

Replicated perfectly, but in larger scale, the Star Wars Jumbo Early Bird 4-Pack features Luke Skywalker (with his double telescoping lightsaber, and the first DT saber in the Jumbo line), Princess Leia (with white vinyl cape and blue blaster), Chewbacca (with greenish Early Bird crossbow blaster), and R2-D2 (with clicking head) in classic Kenner style, standing 12-inches tall, looking bigger and better than ever. Also included in the set are larger reproductions of the stickers and a large fold-out, as well as a replica display stand that holds the 12-inch figures, along with perforated cards attached to the front.

Perfect for retro collectors who loved the original action figures when they first released, but equally ideal for new Star Wars toy collectors, the Star Wars Jumbo Early Bird 4-Pack by Gentle Giant is now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in January 2018.

Star Wars Early Bird 4-Pack Jumbo Figure SetBUY NOW




San Diego Comic-Con Special at Entertainment Earth – Buy One, Get One 40% Off Select In-Stock Exclusives

In celebration of this year’s SDCC 2017 festivities, Entertainment Earth has a special promo going on where you buy one, get one 40% off select in-stock exclusives for a limited time only.

Even if you can’t make it out to Comic-Con this year, there’s no reason not to scoop up some of the latest and greatest exclusives that are available at the show. Featured products include exclusive items from brands like Bif Bang Pow!, Hasbro, and Funko, with tons of one-of-a-kind toys and collectibles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking to nab some new SDCC exclusive action figures and collectibles? Click the banner below, shop and cop all of the best San Diego Comic-Con toys at Entertainment Earth.

Entertainment Earth

Hot Toys Teases Star Wars Grand Moff Tarkin Sixth Scale Figure


The Empire’s most ruthless commander is coming to Comic-Con and making his grand debut as part of the Hot Toys reveals for SDCC 2017. New from the Hot Toys Star Wars sixth scale collectible figure line, this teaser takes a first look at the Grand Moff Tarkin figure that’s on the way. More info plus pics coming soon!

Sideshow Star Wars Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure Coming Soon


Yet another Star Wars Premium Format Figure has been announced for Online Comic-Con with a Stormtrooper figure that’s set to make its debut at SDCC 2017. Joining K-2SO, Captain Phasma, and the rest of the Sideshow Star Wars Premium Format Figures, the Stormtrooper will be marching its way right into San Diego Comic-Con this month, with pre-orders coinciding with the show. More info coming soon…

Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO Premium Format Figure by Sideshow (Preview)


Your favorite reprogrammed Imperial Droid from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is making his way into Sideshow’s Star Wars Premium Format Figure line with this K-2SO collectible figure that’s coming soon. Joining Jyn Erso and the Death Trooper Specialist from Sideshow’s Star Wars Rogue One Premium Format Figure range, the tall-standing, slightly witty robot is set to surface for pre-order sometime soon so keep checking back with us here at AFD for more info when Sideshow drops more details in the days ahead!

Star Wars Captain Phasma Premium Format Figure by Sideshow (Preview)


New previews from Sideshow’s Star Wars Premium Format Figure line continue to surface ahead of SDCC 2017 with this first look at Captain Phasma that’s coming soon. The commander of the First Order’s legions of Stormtroopers is sure to look pretty stellar when on display alongside the rest of Sideshow’s Star Wars figures so stay tuned for more info including pre-order details plus official images any day now.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Life-Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles Coming Soon


Not only is Boba Fett releasing soon as a life-size bust, but Sideshow Collectibles also has a Stormtrooper bust on the way as well, done in partnership with American special effects studio Legacy Effects. With a full Life-Size Stormtrooper already available for pre-order and set to arrive this summer, this bust will focus strictly on the shoulders and head, making the perfect centrepiece for just about any Star Wars collection. Sideshow should be releasing pre-order info plus official pics pretty soon so check back here for updates!

Star Wars Boba Fett Life-Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles Coming Soon


Your favorite bounty hunter is making his way into Sideshow’s life-size figure line with this Boba Fett bust that’s coming soon. Done in partnership with Legacy Effects, the Boba Fett Life-Size Bust is sure to look pretty spectacular when it pops up for pre-order in the near future. In the meantime take a look at the teaser up top and check back here soon for more info and images.

Top 10 Pre-Orders of the Week

Another week in the world of collectibles has come and gone, which means there was a ton of announced statues, action figures and vinyls that you may have missed because you had the nerve to blink. We’re all about doing you favors over here at AFD, so we’ve put together a list of the hottest collectibles that you can pre-order right now, and this week is a busy one.

This week we’ve got a cool Batman Rebirth PVC figure, a little something for Nintendo fans who are hyped for the release of the new Mini SNES Classic Edition, Square-Enix’s take on the Black Panther, POP!s for rabid Game of Thrones fans to get their hands on, and an actual throne for one of the most evil forces in the Star Wars universe.

Click the links below to pre-order your favorites now before you miss your chance to own them.

DC Rebirth Batman Q-Fig PVC Figure BUY NOW

Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack BUY NOW

Marvel Gallery Daredevil Comic Statue BUY NOW

Batman Dark Knight Rises MAFEX Version 3.0 Action Figure (Previews Exclusive) BUY NOW


Star Wars Emperor Palpatine ArtfX+ Statue BUY NOW

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Link UDF Figure BUY NOW

Marvel Universe Black Panther Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure BUY NOW

Spider-Man Spider-Gwen High Rise Building Statue BUY NOW

Aliens Series 12 Action Figure Set BUY NOW

Justice League Batman Tactical Suit Version Play Arts Kai Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ Statue by Kotobukiya

Although Darth Vader was the most famous evil in the original Star Wars trilogy, it was Emperor Palpatine that was the true, big evil in the galaxy. After seducing Anakin to the Dark Side in the much-slammed prequel trilogy, then-Senator Palpatine began his rise to power and eventually turned the Republic into the Empire and ruled the galaxy with a corrupt iron fist. Kotobukiya is finally giving the mastermind his due with the release of this brand new Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ statue for all to enjoy.

This 1/10 scale PVC statue of Emperor Palpatine sitting on his throne as depicted from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi features incredible detailing on the face (showing what the power of the Dark Side will do) and on the throne in which he sits. You can display this impressively powerful statue all on its own, or alongside the other Star Wars ARTFX+ statues.

Ready to be shipped in February of next year, you can head to Entertainment Earth and pre-order this statue right now. Take a closer look at the Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ statue by Kotobukiya below.

Star Wars Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure by Sideshow (Preview)


Not too long ago Sideshow Collectibles revealed their Darth Vader Life-Size Figure that emerged for pre-order, and now we have a first look at the Sith Lord as a Legendary Scale Figure. Standing at 46.75″ tall and looking mighty menacing with his hand raised ready to choke out some peon in trademark style, this Star Wars Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure by Sideshow is set to arrive for pre-order on Thursday, June 29, 2017 so get ready to drop some serious dough (price still TBD) if you want one for your collection.

Top 10 Pre-Orders of the Week

Another week full of news about upcoming action figures and collectibles has come and gone and that means there was a flurry of pre-order links you may have missed when you blinked. Thankfully, we here at AFD are around to help keep you up to date on all the stuff you’ve wanted, and some of the stuff you may have missed from the past few days with our weekly roundup of all the hottest pre-orders of the week.

This week, we’ve got a homecoming for Spider-Man and Hot Toys, the first in a series of planned official Overwatch figures, Wonder Woman from the movie courtesy of Square-Enix, Gentle Giant’s take on The Punisher, and so much more. Check out our picks below and click on your favorites before your chance to pre-order them is gone forever.

Wonder Woman Movie Play Arts Kai Action Figure BUY NOW

The Walking Dead Negan 1:6 Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars The Black Series 40th Anniversary 6-Inch R2-D2 Action Figure BUY NOW

Punisher Collector’s Gallery Statue BUY NOW

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Dynamic 8ction Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles BUY NOW

Overwatch Tracer Figma Action Figure BUY NOW


Spider-Man: Homecoming 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys BUY NOW

DC Comics Super Sons Jonathan Kent and Krypto ArtFX+ Statue 2-Pack BUY NOW

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Dark Side Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Whether he’s “The Last Jedi” or not, Luke Skywalker will always be our generation’s seminal Star Wars hero. In one of cinema’s most famous moments, Luke learns that Darth is actually his father (spoilers). Well his horrible dad cut his hand off just before that proclamation, so we wouldn’t give Anakin any “Father of the Year” awards. Sideshow Collectibles have created an amazing new statue to commemorate that moment on Cloud City with their brand new Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure from The Empire Strikes Back.

Depicting Luke from that all-important moment in Empire, this premium format figure features a lifelike portrait of actor Mark Hamill with Lightsaber (complete with LED light-up feature) in hand and stands 20” tall. The figure is clothed in an authentic costume made of fabric and pleather and also comes with a belt and pistol to holster. The Exclusive edition comes with an alternate right hand holding a blaster, as well as a sheathed Lightsaber to hang from his belt.

Pre-orders are set to begin later today at, so make to stay tuned to AFD for all the details on how to get your hands on this incredible new figure.

Update: The Star Wars Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure is now available for pre-order here.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure by Funko

Most people usually reserve their December excitement for Christmas but since 2015, it’s been the month that the world looks forward to a new Star Wars movie. With The Force Awakens and then Rogue One coming out in successive years, The Last Jedi is poised to end 2017 with a bang. Villain and child of Han, Kylo Ren, looks to feature prominently in the upcoming film and Funko have reproduced the character in their Hikari style of vinyl figures.

Join the Dark Side with this awesome Kylo Ren Hikari vinyl figure that features the villain in his now famous costume from the new trilogy of films. Limited to only 500 and available next month, you better head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order now before they’re all gone.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Dark Side Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Egg Attack Droid Figures (Previews Exclusive) by Beast Kingdom

Even with a galaxy full of colorful characters, the two that have endured through the most during the course of the seven Star Wars movies are C-3PO and R2-D2. Everyone’s favorite droid duo have been in every single Star Wars movie since the franchise started, and Beast Kingdom is giving them a proper tribute by imagining them in their stylish “Egg Attack” look with these new Previews exclusive action figures.

C-3PO stands 6” tall and features an expert gold paint job with a silver leg. The hinges in his arms and legs means you can move and pose him in all sorts of ways, including poses straight from the films. R2 rolls around at 4” tall and comes with light-up sequencing function and a Princess Leia projection, as well as three extending arms, a life scanner and a periscope, proving he really is the Swiss Army Knife of droids.

You can buy each of them separately or buy the duo together and they’ll be available in late July. Make sure to come back to AFD for pre-ordering links and any more info that may come in.



Star Wars Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles (Available Soon for Pre-Order)


Hot on the heels of the Han Solo, Boba Fett and Chewbacca releases, Sideshow Collectibles is next adding Luke Skywalker to the mix of Star Wars Premium Format Figures. Set to pop up for pre-order on Thursday, June 15th, this stellar looking Luke figure is sculpted to capture the likeness of Mark Hamill, complete with Lightsaber and all. Peep the preview up top and check back here in a couple of days when official images and other pre-order info from Sideshow becomes available.

Most Popular Action Figure, Vinyl Figure and Statue Pre-Orders of the Week


It can be hard sometimes to be a collector of cool things. Every week there are new announcements that if you don’t keep updated on, could lead to you missing your chance at an awesome action figure, POP! or statue. Thankfully, we here at AFD have got your back and we regularly put together lists of the hottest pre-orders out there so you don’t ever miss a thing.

This week, there’s new Wonder Woman, the animated version of Bane gets the POP! treatment, Reverse Flash races home courtesy of Kotobukiya, and Square-Enix dresses Deadpool up in his X-Force gear.

You can find all this and much more below, and remember to click on the links to pre-order your favorites from Sideshow Collectibles and Entertainment Earth right now.

The X-Files Agent Mulder 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure – BUY NOW

Wonder Woman Movie One:12 Collective Action Figure  BUY NOW

Star Wars The Black Series Lando Calrissian 6-Inch Action Figure BUY NOW

Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures Wave 8 – BUY NOW

Nintendo Super Mario and Princess Peach 8-Bit Mini-Figures 2-Pack (SDCC Exclusive) – BUY NOW

Batman: The Animated Series Bane Pop! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW

Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Training Armor Version Figure by Hot Toys

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool Play Arts Kai Variant Action Figure –  BUY NOW

Flash TV Series Reverse Flash ArtFX+ Statue BUY NOW

Invisible Jet with Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 4 – BUY NOW

The Coolest Star Wars 40th Anniversary Collectibles

When Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope came out 40 years ago on this same date, nobody could have ever predicted the kind of cultural impact this one space movie would have on the world. Generations of families have passed their fandom down throughout their bloodlines and now, in 2017, there’s a whole new generation of fans being introduced to their own set of heroes with Disney’s revival of the franchise.

But for old school fans like us, we still gravitate to the original crew of Luke, Han, Leia and the rest. So as the world celebrates the 40th year of Star Wars’ existence, we’ve found the coolest collectibles out there you can own while you blow out the candles on a milestone few fandoms ever reach.

From vintage-looking 6-inch figures to limited edition socks and plush sets, celebrate in style with these collectibles that pay tribute to the force that is Star Wars. Check out some of our top picks below.

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack with Darth Vader Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary 3-pack Mens’ Socks – Limited Edition BUY NOW

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 2 BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Leia Organa 6-Inch Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Die-Cast Metal Figures Wave 1 BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Plush Sets – BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Luke Skywalker 6-Inch Figure BUY NOW

Science Fiction Pint Size Heroes by Funko

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time where science fiction was a genre that was scoffed and laughed at by the general public at large. These days, Sci-Fi has exploded and become part of the mainstream with characters from franchises like Star Wars, Alien, The Matrix, and Star Trek becoming some of the most influential pop culture icons in the world. Funko realizes how popular and in-demand Sci-Fi is, and is ready to unleash their science fiction themed Pint Size Heroes on the galaxy.

This collection of tiny adorable heroes features characters from popular TV and film franchises such as The Matrix, Predator, Back to the Future, Star Trek and more all in one collection. Also, for those Sci-Fi hipsters that think those are all too mainstream, there are Pint Size heroes of Leeloo from The Fifth Element and an alien from Mars Attacks! to collect.

Coming in August of this year, you can pre order a random pack of 6 by clicking here, or drop a couple more bucks and get a whole display case of 24 by clicking here right now.

Daily Deal at Entertainment Earth: Save 60% on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Vehicle


Recently Entertainment Earth started doing daily deals featuring popular items on deep discount for 24 hours only, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, today’s deal is a doozy.

If you’ve been looking to add the Millennium Falcon to your collection, but weren’t willing to drop the cash required, then here’s your chance to save 60% on the classic Kenner sized vehicle, which even comes equipped with three 3 3/4-inch scale action figures from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Chewbacca, BB-8 and Finn). Originally priced at $139.99, now you can nab it for $56.00 (you save $83.99 or 60%).

Need it? Move fast and buy it now at Entertainment Earth before this daily deal is done!


Click here for more daily deals and current sales at Entertainment Earth.

Star Wars Rogue One Scarif Shoretrooper Collector’s Gallery Statue by Gentle Giant

When info on Rogue One started to roll out a while back, the one thing we were worried about is if there would be any new versions of Stormtroopers and if there were, how could they possibly be any cooler than (or remotely close at least) to our favorite blaster wielding assault troops of the Galactic Empire.Thankfully, the masters at Dinsey and Lucasfilm found a way to introduce us to all-new tactical troopers and the Shoretrooper is definitely our favorite, and now you can bring one home thanks to Gentle Giant.

Straight from the shores of Scarif, this 9” tall statue of the Empire’s beach patrol armored soldier stands on a special beach-themed base with heavy blaster rifle in hand and fully geared-up with hip pouches plus detailed armor. Sculpted digitally for movie-accurate detailing and made from stone-like durable polystone, each Shoretrooper is hand painted to show off the wear and tear of fighting the Rebels, right down to the nicks and scratches in the armor.

Expected to ship in the third quarter of 2017, pre-orders are available here right now, so don’t hesitate or else you might miss out on adding another one of the evil Empire’s troopers to your collection.

Star Wars IG-88 Collector’s Gallery Statue by Gentle Giant

Bounty hunters don’t have the best luck when it comes to existing in the Star Wars universe. Even though they’re some of the most memorable characters in the galaxy, bad things tend to happen to them and although it might be deserved punishment, we still love them. IG-88 might not have had the spotlight in his brief appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, but fans never forgot him and now they can take him home with this new statue from Gentle Giant.

This 9.5” tall statue stands on a specially made base while waiting to fire his DLT-20A blaster at any Rebel that may come his way. Incredibly detailed to reflect the bounty hunter as he stepped on Darth Vader’s Executor ready to talk about the bounty for Han Solo, Gentle Giant’s limited edition hand-painted statue is the second in the company’s line of 1:8th Collector’s Gallery statues.

Pre-orders are open now by clicking here, and it ships in the third quarter of 2017, but editions will be limited so put your money down now or risk the chance of missing out.

Star Wars: A New Hope Princess Leia Hero of Yavin Mini Bust by Gentle Giant

Even though May 4th has passed, Star Wars doesn’t stray too far from the minds’ of the franchise’s biggest fans. At the end of A New Hope, we were all left with the image of Princess Leia awarding medals to the new heroes of the Rebellion (all except poor Chewie), and now you can forever immortalize that moment and the late, great Carrie Fisher with this new mini bust from Gentle Giant.

Showcasing Leia holding a medal from the aforementioned famous scene from A New Hope, this 1/6 scale bust is 6.75” tall and was digitally sculpted with the use of real archival footage and designs, and out of polystone of the highest quality. Holding the Medal of Yavin in her hands as she’s prepared to award it to one of the Rebels after the destruction of the Death Star, this bust is the perfect tribute to both the franchise as a whole, and to the legacy of Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

Shipping in the third quarter of 2017, you can pre-order this mini bust right now right here.

Star Wars Rogue One POP! Vinyl Figures (Wave 2) by Funko

Despite rumors of reshoots and possible script troubles, Star Wars: Rogue One was a huge hit when it hit theaters amongst both the old group of fans and the new. With memorable characters like Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor now forever in the mythos, Funko is ready to unleash the second wave of POP!s featuring the popular characters from the first of many Star Wars stories. Oh, and you can check out Wave 1 here.

With POP!s of a young Jyn Erso holding a Stormtrooper doll, her father Galen Erso dressed and ready to work for the Empire, a Death Star droid, and Jedha Partisan fighter Weetef Cyubee, this eclectic group of bobble-heads will look perfect amongst any Star Wars or Funko fan’s collection.

Available to ship in September, click the links below to grab your favorites, or get them all and complete your Rogue One collection now.

Rogue One Young Jyn Erso Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head BUY NOW

Rogue One Galen Erso Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head BUY NOW

Rogue One Death Star Droid Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head BUY NOW

Rogue One Weeteef Cyubee Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head BUY NOW

Star Wars Pewter Collectible Figurines by Royal Selangor


When The Force Awakens hit theaters the world knew they were ready for a revival of the Star Wars universe unlike anything seen before. New fans jumped on board and started learning about older characters, and old fans were introduced to a whole new group of characters to embrace. Now, Royal Selangor has taken some classic characters and made great looking pewter figurines for old and new fans alike to collect.

Included are popular characters Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper and two pewter containers of a Death Star and beloved android R2-D2. Ranging between 4 to 6 inches, these pewter figures are all highly detailed, while propped atop specially made stands with proof that they’re official products. The Death Star and R2-D2 collectibles both serve as storage for small trinkets, as you can remove the top half to store little keepsakes and hide them away from either the Empire or Rebellion.

You can pre-order your favorites now at by clicking each individual link below, and all will be available to ship sometime between July and September of this year.

Boba Fett Pewter Figurine BUY NOW

Death Star Trinket Box BUY NOW

Stormtrooper Pewter Figurine BUY NOW

Darth Vader Pewter Figurine BUY NOW

Princess Leia Pewter Figurine BUY NOW

Yoda Pewter Figurine BUY NOW

R2-D2 Canister BUY NOW

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series 6-Inch Figures (Wave 2) by Hasbro

May 4th may be a thing of the past until next year, but the desire for Star Wars collectibles is never-ending. With the 40th anniversary in full swing, Hasbro has gone all out when it comes to celebrating one of the most beloved fandom’s in the history of the galaxy. With their popular Black Series, Hasbro has made premium looking characters available at a reasonable price, and their second wave of 40th anniversary figures are perfect additions to any fan’s collection. (ICYMI, you can check out Wave 1 here.)

This latest set from A New Hope features C-3PO, Chewbacca, a Tusken Raider, a Jawa, a Death Squad Commander and a Stormtrooper. All six of these 6” vintage action figures come equipped with weapons and accessories specific to each character, as well as 20 points of articulation, so they can be posed in all kinds of different ways while on display.

Shipping in June, you can take a closer look at each Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series Action Figure below, and pre-order the case of all 6 at Entertainment Earth by clicking here.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure by Sideshow (Preview)


It’s May the 4th and that means all things Star Wars are commanding your attention today, including this preview of the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure that’s coming soon from Sideshow Collectibles. Joining Han Solo, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and several other Star Wars Premium Format Figures that are currently in-stock at, or up for pre-order, this stellar looking Luke figure is next in line, with pre-order info on the way any day now. Check back for updates!

Star Wars Han Solo Premium Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Being May 4th today, it should come as no surprise that the masters over at Sideshow Collectibles have crafted another amazing figure of a beloved character from the Star Wars universe, and it’s everybody’s favorite scoundrel, Han Solo’s turn.

The super-realistic premium figure of the galaxy’s most loveable scoundrel features actor Harrison Ford’s trademark roguish smile as he’s poised ready to fire his blaster at any approaching Stormtrooper. Dressed in his trademark jacket and standing atop a specially made Millennium Falcon stand, the Sideshow Exclusive also comes with a swappable E-11 blaster for a little bit of weapon variety.

Priced at $549.99, pre-orders are available starting today, so you should head over now before Han is gone for good.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia Figure by Hot Toys

This past year has been a tough one for Star Wars fans. Even though we’re in the middle of the new Disney revival of the universe, and we’re a couple months away from The Last Jedi, we’ve also lost one of the pillars of the Star Wars world with the death of Carrie Fisher. There’s no better way to pay tribute to the great, late Princess Leia than with this upcoming Hot Toys figure of her from The Empire Strikes Back.

This much-anticipated 10” figure comes with 28 points of articulation and the sculpt is hyper-detailed to represent Carrie Fisher’s likeness from her time on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Coming with 8 interchangeable hands and gloved hands for holding accessories such as a welding torch or blaster, this 1/6th scale figure also comes with a breathing mask and goggles in case you want to pose her as if she’s working.

Make sure to come back for more info on when you can pre-order this special figure and for details on when shipping starts.

Life-Size Darth Vader Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

With May 4th one day away, you can expect Star Wars to command all your attention tomorrow. The one thing that every fan has always wanted (maybe needed?) has been a life-size figure of Darth Vader. It may have seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago, but Sideshow Collectibles has made it a reality.

Towering over the Rebellion at a whopping 7’ 6” tall, this insanely realistic true to life figure of the original Star Wars villain is accurate in every single little detail, from his helmet all the way down to his boots and even has a fully functional light-up chest plate. With hands on hips, even when Vader isn’t in motion his intimidating stature will make it the perfect centerpiece for any collector’s man cave.

You can pre-order the Life-Size Darth Vader Figure now at


Star Wars Han Solo Premium Format Figure by Sideshow (Preview)


Next up from Sideshow’s Star Wars Premium Format Figure line-up is this Han Solo figure that’s set to pop up for pre-order later this week. Releasing on Thursday May 4th, which just so happens to be the most epic Star Wars day of the year, this Han Solo collectible figure joins fellow Star Wars Premium Format Figure Boba Fett, as well as his favorite furry sidekick Chewbacca, who are both already up for pre-order at Stay tuned for Han’s official images and other pertinent pre-order details in just a few days.

Star Wars Boba Fett Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Even though he fell victim to a Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett quickly became one the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. The bounty hunter who’s fond of incinerations rose to unexpected heights of popularity that Lucas even explored his origins in the prequel, Attack of the Clones. Fett fans can now grab their favorite Clone with this Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Standing atop “Jabba’s Place” base at a bit over 20” tall, this premium figure of Boba Fett is outfitted in a detailed sculpt of his famous Mandalorian armor complete with jetpack, Wookie scalp trophy and tailored fabric cape. In terms of accessories, no Boba Fett figure would be complete without an arsenal and Sideshow has loaded him up with his EE-3 Blaster Carbine and, for the exclusive variant, a deadly concussion grenade launcher.

You can pre-order this Boba Fett Premium Format Figure right now from to make sure you get it when it ships between November 2017 and January of next year.

Star Wars Chewbacca Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Everybody’s favorite wingman (wingWookie?) Chewbacca has raised the bar when it comes to trustworthy sidekicks. This warrior, co-pilot, smuggler and resistance fighter has been one of the mainstays of the Star Wars saga since the start, and it helps that he’s survived through all the good and bad times. We can’t wait to see him in action in The Last Jedi, especially after the events of The Force Awakens but in the meantime fans can own their favorite ageless Wookie with this new figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Towering at just a bit over 23” tall, this premium format figure is sculpted with painstaking detail to reflect Chewie’s likeness to perfection. Everything from the miniature leather-esque satchel and famous bowcatser weapon is extremely detailed to be as realistic as possible, and this Chewie figure stands on a Millennium Falcon-themed character base giving even more reasons for Star Wars fans to love it.

Pre-order the mighty Chewbacca right now at and expect this Star Wars Premium Format Figure to arrive at your door sometime between January and April of next year.

Kotobukiya Previews New Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues at Star Wars Celebration


Amidst all of the cool stuff that popped in time for Star Wars Celebration, Kotobukiya also previewed some upcoming heat over the weekend with these three new Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues that are on the way.

In addition to the Emperor Palpatine statue from Return of the Jedi that was first unveiled in all his evil glory, Kotobukiya also showcased two new statues from The Force Awakens including a Poe Dameron with BB-8 ARTFX+ Statue 2-Pack and a First Order FN-2199 ARTFX+ Statue.

No release dates, pricing or other details are available at this time but be sure we’ll have all the info you need right here at AFD when Kotobukiya reveals more info in the days ahead.




Kotobukiya Unveils Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ Statue at Star Wars Celebration


With the Star Wars Celebration 2017 festivities officially underway, Kotobukiya is pulling no punches with this new preview of the Emperor Palpatine ARTFX+ Statue that’s coming soon. Bound to turn heads across the galaxy, this sinister statue finds the Dark Lord of the Sith chilling on his throne while decked out in his cloak, looking aged, pale-faced, and all kinds of evil. No other info has been revealed thus far, but you can bet we’ll keep you posted with news once Kotobukiya drops details in the coming days.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey With Speeder Bike Deluxe Set from Hasbro

You can expect a ton of Star Wars related announcements this week as Celebration kicks into high gear and while we’re super excited at the possibility of our first look at The Last Jedi, we’re really hyped about all the action figures and collectibles (The Black Series 40th Anniversary Action Figures, anyone?) that are going to be announced. It’s no shock that Hasbro has dibs on the first big release, and trust us when we tell you that it does not disappoint.

Featuring the breakout star and character of The Force Awakens, this deluxe set from Hasbro’s premier Black Series features Rey in all her scavenger glory as she rides through Jakku on her trusty speeder bike. With 28 points of articulation, fabric outfit, removable mask and a staff, this deluxe set is sure to get every Star Wars fan in the galaxy excited.

Set to release in the fall for only $60, make sure to come back for more info on when you can pre-order.

Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso (Imperial Disguise Version) Figure by Hot Toys

With Celebration ready to kick off this week, Star Wars will be on the forefront of every fanboy’s mind. The last Star Wars movie to hit the big screen, Rogue One, is still fresh in our minds especially with the recent home video release, and now Hot Toys has an exclusive figure of lead character Jyn Erso during one of the film’s most pivotal moments.

This undercover Imperial version of Jyn Orso stands at a bit over 10” and is fully decked out in an Imperial Ground Crew uniform as she and her crew infiltrate an Imperial Complex in order to steal the blueprints for the Death Star. Featuring 30 points of articulation, 5 pairs of interchangeable hands that include hands to hold a blaster and for a pair of batons. This exclusive Hot Toys figure also comes with a removable helmet and a stand so you can keep her upright and posed next to your other Rogue One collectibles.

Make sure to come back for more info including availability and pre-order details. Also, with Celebration this week make sure to check back for even more Star Wars collectible news.

Sideshow Darth Vader Life-Size Figure Coming Soon


With hype for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary at an all-time high with cool collectibles like these Black Series action figuresdisplay diorama, and other awesome items starting to surface, Sideshow is getting in on the celebration as well with the announcement of a new Darth Vader Life-Size Figure that’s coming soon.

Available for pre-order soon at, this preview showcases the sinister Sith Lord towering at 7′ 6″ tall. Feast your eyes on the life-size figure from Sideshow’s Star Wars collection above and stay tuned for more info when this colossal Darth Vader collectible debuts in the coming days.

Star Wars Super Shogun Vinyl Figures by Super7 and Funko

Way back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, all of geekdom was obsessed with two things: Star Wars and giant robot toys known here as “Shogun Warriors”. While it could be argued that nothing really has changed since then, Super7 and Funko are ready to merge both of these fandoms with this series of towering new Shogun Action Figures featuring some of the Star Wars universe’s most notorious agents of The Empire.

Featuring figures of Rogue One’s intimidating Shadowtrooper and various versions of the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, these Super Shogun figures stand at a massive 24” tall on free rotating wheels at the bottom of their feet. Each edition of Boba Fett (the Empire version, the colorless Prototype version and the old school Kenner version) feature a spring-loaded missile firing jetpack and wrist launcher, while the Shadowtrooper uses the same spring-loaded technology to unleash a lethal rocket punch.

Expected to ship in May of this year, you can pre-order each or all of these sweet retro figures from Entertainment Earth by clicking the links below.

Star Wars Boba Fett Classic Toy Super Shogun Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Boba Fett Empire Super Shogun Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Boba Fett Prototype Super Shogun Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Shadowtrooper Super Shogun Vinyl Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars The Black Series 40th Anniversary Display Diorama with Darth Vader 6-Inch Action Figure by Hasbro

With the 40th anniversary of Star Wars upon us this year, it should come as no surprise that Hasbro is going old school with their new Black Series of action figures to celebrate the occasion. And the galaxy far, far away’s biggest baddie is getting the most special treatment with this Darth Vader action figure and display diorama set.

Joining the rest of the figures in the 40th anniversary Black Series collection, this 6” figure of Luke’s father (spoiler) features a retro design of Darth Vader in his original costume from A New Hope in vintage packaging that harkens back to the original Hasbro figures. And the best part is that it comes with a spectacular diorama that can fit up to 11 more figures to stand up behind the baddest Sith around.

Coming in April, you can pre-order this amazing figure and diorama set of the most iconic Star Wars character ever for just $39.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Star Wars Rogue One Jedha Revolt Action Figure Set by Hasbro

Rebels all over the world have the chance to enjoy Rogue One all over again with the film landing on Blu-ray and DVD today, and Hasbro has spent the past year giving Star Wars fans all the collectibles they can get their hands on. Now, to celebrate the home video release, you can grab this 4-pack of the main players in the revolt on Jedha.

Featuring the enigmatic Saw Gerrara, the reluctantly heroic Jyn Orso, Edrio Two Tubes and an Imperial Hovertank Pilot, fans can use these figures to recreate one the most pivotal moments in the film, all while watching the actual scene from the comfort of their home.

Three of the characters are exclusive to this pack, so you better pre-order now for just $29.99 and expect them at your door when it comes out later this month.


Star Wars Chewbacca Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles (Preview)


Everyone’s favorite Wookiee is making his way into Sideshow’s Star Wars range with this Chewbacca Premium Format Figure that’s coming soon to Next in line from the Star Wars Premium Format Figure collection which includes Boba Fett, First Order Stormtrooper, Jango Fett, Sandtrooper, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, and all kinds of other key characters, this Chewie statue is set to make his debut this week when it pops up for pre-order on Thursday, April 6th, 2017.

Star Wars Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise Version) Figure by Hot Toys

The universe’s original loveable smuggler, Han Solo will always have a special place in every Star Wars fan’s heart. From the moment he blew a hole in Greedo’s head (Han shot first!) to the moment he called in a “weapons malfunction” while disguised as a Stormtrooper in A New Hope, Han has always been a favorite. Now, you can own an amazing figure of that undercover moment on the Death Star thanks to Hot Toys.

Standing at 12”, this collectible figure features 30 points of articulation, eight swappable hands that include some for holding weapons, accurately sculpted armor, a blaster rifle, a thermal detonator, a communicator, a set of binders, an interchangeable helmet, and a battery-operated diorama stand of the Death Star with fully-functional LED lights — basically everything you could ask for in a Han Solo action figure.

Expected to ship in late 2017 or early 2018, make sure to come back for all the info you need to pre-order this Hot Toys exclusive release.