Top 10 Pre-Orders of the Week

The world of collectibles never stops spinning and it’s practically impossible to keep track of all the latest releases. We here at AFD are all about making your life easier (and more fulfilling, obviously) so each week we seek out the coolest action figures, statues and vinyls that you can pre-order right now and group them in one super-awesome and convenient place.

This week, we have even more Wonder Woman (because there’s no hero hotter right now), the Marvel Legends version of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s villain, a killer statue of Harley Quinn walking the dogs, and we finally have a worthy collectible of Netflix’s rendition of Marvel’s resident badass private investigator, Jessica Jones.

Click the links below and pre-order your favorites right now before you miss your chance to add to your growing collection.

Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman PVC Statue BUY NOW

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 6-inch Marvel’s Vulture Action Figure BUY NOW

Supergirl TV Series Q-Fig PVC Figure BUY NOW

Batman The Animated Series Premier Collection Harley’s Holiday Statue BUY NOW

Marvel Gallery Netflix Jessica Jones Statue BUY NOW

Stranger Things Action Figure 3-Pack Set #1 BUY NOW

Wonder Woman Movie Q-Fig MAX FigureBUY NOW

Marvel Premier Collection Venom Statue BUY NOW

Flash TV Series Flash Action Figure BUY NOW

Batman Black and White by John Romita Jr. Statue BUY NOW

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