The Loyal Subjects Dragon Ball Z (Hot Topic Exclusive Chase Figures)


With The Loyal Subjects Dragon Ball Z Action Vinyls soon to hit spots like Entertainment Earth and other TLS retailers, here’s a look at a few new limited edition chase figures that are exclusive to Hot Topic.

Included in the trio of chase figures are a Metallic SS Vegeta (1/48), Metallic Krillin (1/96), plus a Neon Vegeta Club 28 figure, in addition to the rest of the crew which includes Super Saiyan Gohan, Shenron Build-A-Figure, 2 random prototypes, and a single Gold Super Saiyan Goku.

Check out all three DBZ chase figures below before hitting up Hot Topic to snag some for your collection.


Click here to shop Dragon Ball Z collectibles at Hot Topic.

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