Suicide Squad DC Multiverse 6-Inch Action Figures Available Soon



Arriving in time for the Suicide Squad movie release comes this new collection of Suicide Squad DC Multiverse 6-Inch Action Figures that are coming out this month.

Featuring six different action figures that all come equipped with weapons, accessories and a piece of the Killer Croc build-a-figure, these 6-inch Suicide Squad collectibles from the DC Multiverse line include Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, Katana, Boomerang and Batman. In addition to these 6-inch figures, there are also the Harley Quinn and Deadshot 12-inch action figures that are already available to complete the collection.

The Suicide Squad DC Multiverse 6-Inch Action Figures are available to buy here.


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Harley Quinn Action FigureBUY NOW


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse The Joker Action Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Deadshot Action Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Boomerang Action Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Katana Action Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad DC Multiverse Batman Action Figure – BUY NOW

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