Spider-Man: Homecoming Action Figures by Marvel Legends

With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer fresh in our minds, we can tell you that our bodies are more than ready for July 7th to come. From the look of it, Marvel has given Sony a bit of their magic and Spidey finally looks like he belongs on the big screen in a solo movie. Nobody knows their characters better than Marvel, and these Marvel Legends action figures prove just that.

Featuring figures of the homemade Spider-Man suit, Peter in the Tony Stark-provided Spidey suit, Wing Suit Spider-Man, Iron Man himself and the evil Vulture, these premium 6” figures based on the film are super poseable with multiple points of articulation and each come with a different Build-A-Figure piece that when put together creates an all-new figure on its own.

Celebrate the summer of Spidey and make sure to come back for more info on when you can grab these sweet Marvel Legends figures. In the meantime, check out these other Spider-Man: Homecoming action figures and collectibles that are currently available.

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