SEN-TI-NEL Iron Man Re:Edit Iron Patriot Limited Edition Light-Up Action Figure



After popping up as a San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusive, the SEN-TI-NEL Iron Man Re:Edit Iron Patriot Action Figure has surfaced following SDCC in limited quantities for those who missed out on this Iron Man/Captain America mash-up collectible.

Designed by artist Chemical Attack and fully loaded with LED light-up features on his chest and eyes, with 6 pairs of interchangeable hands, Captain America’s shield and over 50 points of articulation, this star spangled Iron Man figure stands approximately 7 1/4″ tall and as patriotic as it gets. The figure also comes equipped with a Hall of Armor (base, metal prop and Hall of Armor parts) plus an SDCC exclusive holographic backdrop.

Ready to add this red, white and blue Iron Man Re-Edit action figure to your collection? The Iron Patriot figure is available to buy at spots like ThinkGeek and Entertainment Earth.


Click here to buy the SEN-TI-NEL Iron Man Re:Edit Iron Patriot Action Figure.

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