Release Roundup: New Action Figures Now In-Stock at Entertainment Earth

When it comes to the latest and coolest Action Figures in-stock over at Entertainment Earth, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this week is mostly about the super heroes (and some Star Wars, of course). Marvel fans can get their hands on several waves of Marvel Legends figures, or go for more heroic figures like Egg Attack editions of Captain America and Iron Man, and for DC fans, there’s a MAFEX Harley Quinn up for grabs.

Check out some of the coolest action figures that are ready to arrive at your doorstep right now and remember to order your favorites by clicking the links below, before they go from “in-stock” to “out of stock”.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn MAF EX Action Figure – Previews Exclusive BUY NOW

Guardians of the Galaxy 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 BUY NOW

Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man Mk 45 Egg Attack Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hero Series 12-Inch Action Figures Wave 5 Case BUY NOW

Spider-Man Homecoming Eye FX Electronic Action Figure BUY NOW

Marvel Legends 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures 2016 Wave 2 Case BUY NOW

Iron Man Shape Changing Armor Re: Edit Light-Up Action Figure BUY NOW

Captain America: Civil War Captain America Egg Attack Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars Rogue One 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Wave 2 Case BUY NOW

Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures Wave 7 BUY NOW

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