Q-Fig Deadpool Unicorn Selfie Diorama


Deadpool 2 is currently in theaters and it is breaking records at the box office. The Deadpool toys and collectibles that are out for the film have done a great job of capturing the off the wall spirit of the Deadpool character. Quantum Mechanix and its line of Q-Fig Dioramas are making a name for themselves in the collector’s industry. The stylized dioramas are fun items to add to your collection and unlike anything else available. This Deadpool Unicorn Selfie Q-Fig is currently available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and it will ship in August 2018.


From Entertainment Earth:

What do you get when you combine two of Deadpool’s favorite things: unicorns and oversharing on social media? #UNICORNSELFIE! Outfitted in his traditional red suit, The Merc with The Mouth surrounds himself with plush unicorns and, holding up his cell phone for the perfect selfie. Using the perfect height and angle, Deadpool smiles for the camera in this adorable Q-Fig! Standing about 4-inches tall, this Deadpool Unicorn Selfie Diorama Q-Fig comes packaged in a window box.



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