Old Man Logan One:12 Collective Action Figure by Mezco Toyz

Forget that bright yellow costume or black leather, with Logan still fresh in everybody’s mind, the only Logan anybody is talking about these days is “Old Man Logan”. Now, the character that Mark Millar and Steve McNiven introduced in 2008 comes to life thanks to this figure from Mezco Toyz.

This alternate earth version of Wolverine stands at almost 6” and features 30 points of articulation and comes with six interchangeable hands so you can display with claws out or not. His costume comes with a removable leather overcoat and hat, clothing made out of real fabric, sculpted belt and boots, as well as a backpack that holds a baby Hulk. Yeah, you read that right.

Shipping in late 2017 or early next year, this One:12 Collective Old Man Logan is now available for pre-order. Scroll down for a closer look at some of the official products shots from Mezco Toyz below.

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