Hot Toys Star Wars Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern) Sixth Scale Figure



If you’re a Star Wars fan, here’s something you probably never expected to see. Inspired by the highly regarded blue-and-white porcelain motif that originated centuries ago in China, Hot Toys has reimagined the Stormtrooper’s iconic white battle armor with a pretty pattern that looks delicate but is hard as hell.

Symbolic of the Stormtrooper’s presence in every corner of the galaxy, this Porcelain Pattern figure has popped up right in time for the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie release, available as a limited edition item in select markets and about as unique as it gets as far as collectible 1/6 scale Star Wars figures go.

Check out the Star Wars Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys below.




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