G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes Retail Version Action Figure In-Hand + Packaging & Comparison Images



A few new in-hand pics of the G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes Retail Version Action Figure have hit the web, showing off our favorite silent Ninja in an alternate all-black offering. Originally spotted over at The Full Force, these in-hand shots also give us a good look at the figure’s packaging, along with a side-by-side comparison of this all-black regular retail version figure next to the Hasbro Pulse exclusive deluxe figure.

In addition to a more traditional all-black paint job that’s reminiscent of the original Snake Eyes figure from 1982, this retail version also comes with a few different weapons in comparison to the Pulse exclusive version, including more futuristic style blasters (as opposed to his signature Uzi). You can pre-order this new Snake Eyes along with the rest of the G.I. Joe Classified Wave 1 figures including Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock and Destro when they release in June. Check out the in-hand, in-package and Snake Eyes comparison pics below!








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