Funko Pop! Horror 8-Bit Vinyl Figures (Freddy Krueger, Jason and Alien)


With Halloween on the horizon, Funko has a few new Pop! Horror 8-Bit Vinyl Figures coming soon including Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Alien. Mixing retro gaming goodness with classic horror flick characters, these 8-bit Pop!s are ready to slash up your Funko collection with Freddy in his famous striped sweater and bladed glove, Jason wielding an axe while on the silent attack, and an Alien figure with razor-sharp teeth set to chomp in 8-bit fashion. All three Funko Pop! Horror 8-Bit Vinyl Figures are arriving in February 2018 and available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth through the links below.


Funko Pop! Horror Jason Voorhees 8-Bit Vinyl FigureBUY NOW


Funko Pop! Horror Freddy Krueger 8-Bit Vinyl FigureBUY NOW


Funko Pop! Horror Alien 8-Bit Vinyl FigureBUY NOW

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