DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Deadshot 12 Inch Action Figures from Mattel Now Available



Heads up Suicide Squad fans, the first two 12 inch action figures from Mattel’s DC Multiverse line – Harley Quinn and Deadshot – are now available to add to your collection.

Along with a 12 inch Joker action figure that’s also set to drop sometime this month, as well as a new line of DC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6 inch action figures that are also coming soon, these Harley Quinn and Deadshot figures are hot off the truck and in stock now at Entertainment Earth. Both figures are highly articulated, equipped with signature weapons and ready to cause a ruckus in time for the Suicide Squad movie’s summer release.

You can snag each figure individually via the buy links below, or buy a Wave 1 case which includes 4 individually packaged action figures (2x Harley Quinn and 2x Deadshot).


Click here to buy the DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 12 Inch Action Figure.


Click here to buy the DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot 12 Inch Action Figure.

Click here to shop more Suicide Squad action figures and toy collectibles.

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