DC Comics Tribute Series Big Figs Action Figures by Jakks Pacific (Now Available)



DC Comics’ rich history has brought us some of the greatest characters in pop culture and now with their Cinematic Universe and CW Network takeover in full stride, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them for many years to come. Jakks Pacific recently announced a line of “Big Figs” for the Justice League movie, but they’ve also crafted some huge figures of some of DC’s characters in their classic comic book looks.

Featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash, The Joker, and Harley Quinn in looks taken straight from the pages of our favorite DC Comics, these 18-20” figures come with several points of articulation and each character comes with a unique texture or look to them. The Flash comes with a ruby red metallic look, Batman features cell shading decoration, Superman’s costume is made of real fabric, Harley is in full black and white, and The Joker comes with a premium fabric outfit from The Killing Joke comic.

All five DC Comics Tribute Series Big Figs Action Figures including Batman, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and The Flash are now available to buy at Entertainment Earth through the links below.


DC Comics Tribute Series Batman 19-Inch Big Figs Figure – BUY NOW


DC Comics Tribute Series Joker Killing Joke 20-Inch Big Figs Figure – BUY NOW


DC Comics Tribute Series Harley Quinn 18-Inch Big Figs Action Figure – BUY NOW


DC Comics Tribute Series Superman 19-Inch Big Figs Action Figure – BUY NOW


DC Comics Tribute Series The Flash 19-Inch Big Figs Action Figure – BUY NOW

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