DC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6-Inch Action Figures (With Killer Croc Build-a-Figure Parts) by Mattel



Make room in your collection for a few new Suicide Squad collectibles as Mattel is releasing these DC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6-Inch Action Figures in time for this summer’s blockbuster super villain film.

With six figures in total to collect, here’s a first look at a few of the action figures that have just popped up including The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Batman. Each action figure also comes with a piece of the Killer Croc build-a-figure as an added bonus, along with a few other weapons and other goodies from the movie.

These 6-Inch Suicide Squad Action Figures by Mattel are coming in August 2016 to coincide with the movie’s release but available to pre-order through the buy links below.


DC Multiverse Suicide Squad The Joker Action FigureBUY NOW


DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Action Figure – BUY NOW


DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot Action Figure – BUY NOW


DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Batman Action Figure – BUY NOW

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