Captain America: Civil War POP! Vinyl Figures by Funko

April 20, 2016


Popping up in time for the cinematic clash between Captain America and Iron Man is this new collection of Captain America: Civil War POP! Vinyl Figures by Funko.

Standing 3 3/4 inches tall in a window display box with bobble head for head wobbling action, these POP! Vinyl figures feature movie-accurate suits and other details, but twisted into something a little more fun as only Funko can do. In addition to the standard sized 3 3/4 inch vinyl figures, Giant-Man is also included in the collection in 6 inch super-sized POP! Vinyl format to tower over the rest of the collectible Captain America: Civil War characters.

Scroll down for a closer look at all ten Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War POP! Vinyl Figures by Funko below.


Captain America: Civil War Captain America POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Iron Man POP! Vinyl FigureBUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War War Machine POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Agent 13 POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Black Panther POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Black Widow POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Crossbones POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Giant-Man POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Scarlet Witch POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War Winter Soldier POP! Vinyl Figure – BUY NOW

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