Batman Nano Metalfigs Batcave Nano Scene Playset by Jada Toys

July 3, 2017


Nabbing some of the Batman Nano Metalfigs that Jada Toys just dropped and need a playset to complete the collection? Check out this Nano Metalfigs Batcave Nano Scene that’s also available to pair up with the pint-sized collectible figures. Decked out with authentic details like Batman’s high-tech computers and screens, plus platform that lights up to display the Bat-signal, this Bat-Cave playset measures about 10 3/4-inches tall x 10-inches wide x 9 1/4-inches wide, and comes equipped with 20 parts and 1 sticker sheet, along with 2 exclusive Batman and Robin Nano Metalfigs. You can buy it by clicking here.




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