Top 10 New Action Figures Now In-Stock at Entertainment Earth

Each week, the fine folks over at Entertainment Earth have new Action Figures hot off the truck for fans and collectors alike to drop their hard-earned money on. It can be a tough task to keep track of all the cool stuff that’s coming out, so we’ve gathered up ten of the best new figures and listed them in one place for your convenience. This week, we’ve got Predator, Power Rangers, Voltron, and a Hulk ready to smash at home with you. Check out our Top 10 action figures that you need in your life right this instant.


Voltron Ultimate Edition Action Figure BUY NOW

Batman Harley Quinn 18-Inch Action Figure BUY NOW

Alien Translucent White Prototype Suit Xenomorph 1:4 Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk 1:4 Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

DC Icons Deathstroke The Judas Contract Action Figure BUY NOW

Batman Begins 1:4 Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

Power Rangers 4-Inch Metals Action Figure Wave 2 Case BUY NOW

DC Icons Wonder Woman The Amazon Virus Action Figure BUY NOW

Avengers Titan Hero Black Panther 12-Inch Action Figure BUY NOW

Predator 2 Ultimate City Hunter 7-Inch Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

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