Top 10 Action Figures Hot Off the Truck and In-Stock at Entertainment Earth

Each week, new Action Figures arrive at Entertainment Earth and we here at AFD pick out the best of the bunch and collect them in one neat and tidy place just for you. This week, we’ve got a ton of Star Wars stuff, Captain America or, more specifically, Commander Rogers, the craziest couple in the DCU with a special 2-pack of Harley and the Joker, and even an action figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Check out our picks of the 10 coolest in-stock Action Figures that are hot off the truck at Entertainment Earth below and click to buy your favorites right now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hero Series 12-Inch Action Figures Wave 4 Case BUY NOW

Voltron Ultimate Edition EX 16-Inch Action Figure BUY NOW

Alien Translucent White Prototype Suit Concept Xenomorph 1:4 Scale Action Figure BUY NOW

Terminator 2 25th Anniversary 3D Release T-800 Action Figure BUY NOW

Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 9 Case BUY NOW

Batman TAS Mad Love Joker and Harley Quinn 2nd Edition Action Figure 2-Pack BUY NOW

Marvel Select Daredevil Action Figure BUY NOW

DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside Action Figure Playset BUY NOW

Captain America Commander Rogers One:12 Collective Action Figure – Previews Exclusive BUY NOW

Star Wars Rogue One Hero Series 12-Inch Action Figures Wave 3 Case BUY NOW

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