Top 10 Action Figure Pre-Orders of the Week at Entertainment Earth


Along with another week of action figure releases comes another batch of awesome figures that are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. While it can be quite the task at times to keep track of all the good stuff that’s popped up over the past several days, we got you covered here with 10 action figure pre-orders that are now available and worth considering snagging before the chance disappears. Included in this week’s top picks are new action figures from Thor: Ragnarok, a must-have Justice League Movie Batman figure, a few new NECA releases including Deadpool, Captain America and TMNT’s Raphael in disguise, Harley, The Joker, and a couple new summer exclusives to scope out. Pre-order each one below.


Thor Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 – BUY NOW


Batman: TAS The Joker Action Figure with Expressions PackBUY NOW


Batman: TAS Harley Quinn Action Figure with Expressions PackBUY NOW


Justice League Movie Batman S.H. Figuarts Action FigureBUY NOW


TMNT Movie Raphael in Disguse 1:4 Scale Action FigureBUY NOW


Marvel Classics X-Force Deadpool 1:4 Scale Action FigureBUY NOW


Captain America: Civil War 1:4 Scale Action FigureBUY NOW


DC Comics Variant Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai Action FigureBUY NOW


Street Fighter V Hot Ryu 1:12 Action Figure (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)BUY NOW


ThunderCats Lion-O Mega Scale Action Figure (2017 Summer Exclusive)BUY NOW

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