Thanos on a Throne Maquette by Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow (Preview Video)


After teasing us with one heck of a glorious gauntlet shot late last year (just look at those gems), Sideshow is about to drive Marvel fans mad bonkers with this sneak peek at the Thanos on a Throne Maquette that’s coming soon from Prime 1 Studio.

Not only do we get a glance at the super villain’s menacing mug, mega-bulging biceps and finely sculpted torso with body armor, Sideshow has also put together a short video featuring some of the crew who put in work on the Thanos maquette, with commentary on how it came to be, design details and other good stuff.

Watch for the full reveal to hit on Wednesday, March 22nd, but in the meantime feast your eyes on this first look and video, with more info on price, release date and pre-order info to come.


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