Super7 Reveals MOTU Vintage Toy Edition Japanese Soft Vinyl Figures



Keeping the sneak peeks coming for MOTU fans, Super7 has revealed two new Masters of the Universe Vintage Toy Edition Japanese Soft Vinyl Figures that are also releasing in early 2017.

First up from Super7’s MOTU soft vinyl figure line are Skeletor and Beast Man reimagined as 1980s 5-inch figures in vintage toy colors with signature weapons included. These figures are manufactured individually by hand in Japan using premium quality vinyl and packaged in a custom window box.

Take a closer look at both Skeletor and Beast Man MOTU Vintage Toy Edition Japanese Soft Vinyl Figures by Super7 below which will be available for pre-order soon along with the Curse of the Three Terrors Figures and MOTU Ultimate Action Figures.

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