Suicide Squad 10 Inch Plush Figures by Bleacher Creatures (Series 2)



Fresh off the first wave of Suicide Squad 10 Inch Plush Figures by Bleacher Creatures that are releasing soon comes a first look at the second series that’s also coming out this fall.

Cute, cuddly and as crazy as they come, included in the second set of Suicide Squad plush figures is The Joker dressed to impress in a tuxedo, Harley Quinn decked out in prison garb, an unmasked Deadshot and Captain Boomerang. Each plush figure measures 10 inches tall, making them the perfect addition to your Suicide Squad collection or equally awesome when used as decorative pillows to evil up your couch.

Take a closer look at all four Suicide Squad plush figures by Bleacher Creatures below.


Suicide Squad Tuxedo Joker 10 Inch Plush FigureBUY NOW


Suicide Squad Prison Harley Quinn 10 Inch Plush Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad Unmasked Deadshot 10 Inch Plush Figure – BUY NOW


Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang 10 Inch Plush Figure – BUY NOW

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