Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok 6-Inch Action Figures (Now Available)


With the release of Thor: Ragnarok just a couple months away, the Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok 6-Inch Action Figures from Hasbro are now available to nab in time for the film’s big screen debut. Not only are all of the key characters from the movie available to collect (including Thor, Loki and Hela), but each action figure also comes equipped with a piece of the Hulk Build-a-Figure as a bonus. You can grab a complete case of all the figures here or snag some of the individual figures through the links below.

Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Action FiguresBUY NOW


Thor Ragnarok Thor Action FigureBUY NOW


Thor Ragnarok Loki Action FigureBUY NOW


Thor Ragnarok Hela Action FigureBUY NOW


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