Marvel Legends 12-Inch Deadpool Action Figure by Hasbro

With Deadpool blowing up in the world of mainstream pop culture after the excellent Ryan Reynolds movie, old and new fans alike have been eager for any and everything Deadpool. With the sequel coming sometime in the near future, there’s no better collectible you can get than one labeled as a “Marvel Legend” and Hasbro has got you covered with this new Wade Wilson action figure.

This 12” Deadpool figure comes armed to the teeth with accessories such as swappable ripped masked heads (including one zombie head), two swords and two guns, a pair of knives and three sets of swappable hands. The figure also comes with a ton of articulation points so you can pose him all sorts of Deadpool-esque crazy poses.

Coming in June, you can head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth right now while you wait for the sequel to hit the big screen.

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