Marvel Classics Ultimate Deadpool 1:4 Scale Action Figure by NECA



First up from NECA’s Ultimate Q Scale collectible figure line is Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth in 1:4 scale style. Decked out with tons of weapons, accessories and interchangeable parts, this Marvel Classics Ultimate Deadpool 1:4 Scale Action Figure by NECA stands 18″ tall with over 30 points of articulation so you can have him posing, cracking jokes and chomping on tacos in plenty of different ways while on display.

The figure comes with three interchangeable head sculpts, interchangeable hands, and loads of weaponry with working holsters and sheaths. To be specific, this Ultimate Deadpool figure features a machine gun, assault rifle and pistol, each with a detachable blast effect; katanas; sai; knife; “MR-D” medallion necklace; baseball cap; melted cheese pizza toppings; unicorn; and, of course, a chimichanga. To sums things up, this Deadpool figure is all kinds of awesome and definitely deserves his “ultimate” title. To top it all off, it even comes in new premium packaging for those who prefer to keep your figures packed up.

Shipping in June 2018, you can pre-order NECA’s Ultimate Deadpool Action Figure here.

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