Magneto Animated Statue by Gentle Giant


When you think of X-Men villain Magneto, you think of a man with very strong convictions that would do anything to ensure mutantkind survives. However, one look at this animated statue by Gentle Giant of the mighty mutant and the first thing that pops into your mind is “cute”.

Based on popular comic book artist Skottie Young’s art and featuring menacingly lit eyes and decked out in a red onesie, this adorable statue of the Master of Magnetism is the latest addition to the Marvel Animated Statue series which also includes Deadpool, Captain America and several others (check them all out below), and is digitally sculpted and printed with the best and latest in 3D printing technology.

Add lil’ Magneto to your collection of Marvel Animated Statues now by preordering it here for $64.99.


Click here to buy the Magneto Animated Statue by Gentle Giant.

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