Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby Collection


Toy companies seem obsessed right now with making “cute” versions of our favorite heroes and villains. Funko Pop! figures and the Hot Toys line of Cosbaby Bobble Heads are an example of this latest trend. Hot Toys is making a ton of Cosbaby Figures to tie into the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

Hot Toys shared some really cool images of the figures on its Facebook page. They are currently available in Japan, but no word yet on when they’ll be available to buy elsewhere. But rest assured, we’ll keep you posted with info if and when they do see a wider release. If these images don’t make you want to buy all the Cosbaby figures, nothing will! Check out Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Spider, Hulkbuster, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Thor and the rest of the Avengers Cosbaby crew below.

Images from Hot Toys: 

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