CheckList: A Guide to All of the Best Black Panther Collectible Figures

By: Adam C. Better


Black Panther has set box office records and is thrilling audiences across the world. Luckily for all the Black Panther fans out there—there are a ton of toys available that allow you to take the heroes and villains of Wakanda home with you.

To help you track down all the Black Panther action figures out there, we created a Checklist dedicated to all the best Black Panther toys available. Check out some of the best figures that are available to buy below.

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures:

Marvel Legends have consistently been one of the best mass market action figure lines for years now. The quality keeps improving and its line of Black Panther figures are some of the best toys they have put out to date. There are 6 figures available in the Black Panther wave. Included in the wave are film versions of Black Panther, Erik Killmonger and Nakia. There are also comic book versions of Black Bolt, Iron Man and Sub Mariner. All the figures come with a build-a-figure piece and if you get all 6 you can construct an Okoye that is based on her appearance in the Black Panther film.


Hasbro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action FiguresBUY NOW

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 12-Inch Action Figure:

The Marvel Legends 12 inch action figures deliver the same level of detail that the 6 inch line of Marvel Legends do—just on a much larger scale. The 12-inch Black Panther figure includes an alternate head and set of hands. Its larger size and detail allows it to be a standout on your toy shelf.


Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 12-Inch Action FigureBUY NOW

Hasbro 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1:

Hasbro’s line of 6-inch Black Panther action figures are aimed at a younger audience than Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Line. The figures offer limited articulation and accessories, but they are much more sturdy and affordable than the adult targeted collectibles. Wave 1 of the Black Panther line offers 4 figures—included are Black Panther, Black Panther with Vibranium, Erik Killmonger and Shuri.


Hasbro 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1BUY NOW

Hasbro 12-inch Titan Hero Action Figures:

The Black Panther 12-inch Titan Heroes are aimed at younger action figure collectors. They feature limited articulation and details, but are durable enough for rougher play. A Black Panther and Killmonger figure will be available soon.


Hasbro 12-inch Titan Hero Action FiguresBUY NOW

Hasbro Mighty Muggs Action Figure:

Before Pop! Figures became everyone’s favorite stylized collectible—there was Hasbro’s line of Mighty Muggs. The popular figures have returned and Black Panther is one of the first figures released in the new line. The newest Mighty Muggs all feature 3 different faces that can be selected by pushing down on the top of their heads.


Hasbro Mighty Muggs Action FigureBUY NOW

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures:

There are Funko Pop! Figures for practically every pop culture property out there and Black Panther is no different. 5 different basic Pop! Figures are currently available, but more are planned for the film. You can currently pick up Black Panther, Black Panther Warriors Falls, Erik Killmonger, Nakia and Shuri. The great thing about Pop! Figures are they are relatively inexpensive and easily found. The Pop! line is a great way to build a Black Panther collection.


Funko Pop! Vinyl FiguresBUY NOW

Funko Dorbz Vinyl Figures:

Funko’s Dorbz line of figures don’t get nearly as much attention as the Pop! figures. They may not be as popular, but they offer the same kind of unique design and low price point as the Pop line. There are currently 3 Black Panther Dorbz Vinyl Figures available to purchase—Black Panther, Erik Killmonger (Glow in the Dark) and Erick Killmonger (Mask).




Funko Dorbz Vinyl FiguresBUY NOW

Bif Bang Pow! Pin Mate Wooden Figures:

The retro styled 2-inch scaled wooden figure line from Bif Bang Pow! are something different for your collection. Their design and feel are unlike traditional action figures. But, they are a nice change of pace and will give you something unique in your collection. There are currently Wooden Figures for Black Panther, Erik Killmonger, Nakia, Klaw and Okoye available.






Bif Bang Pow! Pin Mate Wooden FiguresBUY NOW

Mezco One:12 Collective Action Figure:

Mezco and its line of One:12 Collective action figures have been one of the hottest lines of collectibles the last few years. They are premium made action figures that are still reasonably priced when you compare them to lines like Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles. The Black Panther figure from One:12 Collective comes with 2 heads, plenty of accessories and a display stand. It will ship in September 2018.


Mezco One:12 Collective Action FigureBUY NOW

Diamond Select Marvel Select Movie Action Figure:

Diamond Select’s Marvel line of action figures are great adult collectibles—especially when you consider the more than reasonable price point. This Black Panther 7-inch scale movie figure from Diamond Select comes packaged with a movie themed diorama. If you are only interested in purchasing one Black Panther figure and don’t want to get a whole line—this is a great option.


Diamond Select Marvel Select Movie Action FigureBUY NOW

Diamond Select Movie Minimates:

Minimates are one of Diamond Select’s longest running toy lines. Their size and design will remind a lot of people of Lego Minifigures and this is not by accident. They were obviously inspired by Lego, but they definitely standout on a toy shelf. Their size and price allows you to collect a lot and they are very, very addictive. There are currently a few different box sets available that offer the main characters from the Black Panther film.


Diamond Select Movie MinimatesBUY NOW

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