Available Soon: Stranger Things 7-Inch Action Figure Set (Eleven and Chief Hopper) by McFarlane Toys



If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the first Stranger Things 7-Inch Action Figure Set by McFarlane Toys (including Eleven and Chief Hopper), just a heads up both figures are available this month at Entertainment Earth. First up from the upcoming McFarlane Toys Stranger Things action figure line are Eleven and Chief Hopper in 7-inch scale, with 12+ points of articulation plus iconic accessories from the show and retro style packaging which includes an homage to the original McFarlane Toys logo. In case you haven’t put in your pre-order yet, now’s the time, as both action figures should be arriving any day now, and you can bet they’ll disappear pretty quickly, so grab both now through the links below.

Stranger Things 7-Inch Action Figure SetBUY NOW


Stranger Things Eleven Action FigureBUY NOW


Stranger Things Chief Hopper Action FigureBUY NOW

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