Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures (Wave 7) by Hasbro

Spider-Man fever is in full swing as the mounting anticipation over Spider-Man: Homecoming is about to reach its boiling point. But while Spidey fans try and sit still until the film’s release in July, you can in the meantime grab this set of Amazing Spider-Man figures from Hasbro to help fuel your excitement.

This set of 6” figures features a who’s who of Spider-Man villains and heroes, including multiple points of articulation, various accessories unique to each character, and a piece of the Sandman so you can build him after you’ve collected them all. Included in the set are figures of the Green Goblin, Homecoming villain Shocker, the UK version of Spidey, a new version of Spider-Man 2099, Spider-clone creator the Jackal, black Symbiote Spider-Man and, for some odd reason but we’re totally not complaining, Ms. Marvel.

Shipping this month, you can head on over to Entertainment Earth and grab this full set of figures right now.

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