DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Mini Figures (Wave 2)

October 24, 2017


Nabbed the first series of DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Mini Figures and looking to load up on a few new characters? Guess what? Wave 2 of the DC Nano Metalifgs line is now up for pre-order and it’s packed with some pretty awesome additions to the range. Standing at around 1 2/3-inches tall and made of 100% die-cast metal, included in wave 2 are 12 new heroes and villains from DC Comics including Wonder Woman New 52, Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Movie, Katana Suicide Squad Movie, Cyborg Comic, Batman 1966 TV, Superman New 52, Joker Animated Series, Commissioner Gordon, Mr. Freeze Comic, Tactical Suit Batman, The Flash Justice League Movie and Wonder Woman Comic mini figures. Expected to arrive next month, you can pre-order the complete set at Entertainment Earth.

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